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Fashion and Textiles Museum

The Fashion and Textile Museum is a cutting edge centre for contemporary fashion, textiles and jewellery in London. Founded by...

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Firing Line Museum

Firing Line Museum of the Welsh Soldier is a concept developed by 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards and The Royal Welsh. It features...

Arts and Theatre

Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Fleet Air Arm Museum hosts Europe’s largest naval aviation collection, preserving the history of the Royal Navy and...

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Flintham Museum

Experience rural life through the eyes of shopkeeper during the twentieth century at the Flintham Museum. Although it’s only...

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Fourteen Locks Canal Museum & Tearooms

Fourteen Locks Canal is one of the great eighteenth century engineering achievements in Wales. Today is not only an important...

Arts and Theatre

Frenchay Village Museum

Dedicated to the village of Frenchay, the Frenchay Village Museum shows the history of some of Frenchay’s famous people...

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