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Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

Sometime in the recent years of your life you got concussed and spent the majority of them unconscious. Suddenly to awake in… 2015! It’s true, time is speeding toward you like a heat seeking missile or the possibility of an astrological awakening. Be prepared for what this year has in store… the stars have informed us it will be full of wonder, peace, love, late nights and alcohol. Oh, and a few decent cultural outings to see you through to autumn…


1430978040slapstick2015 Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Slapstick Festival 2015]

Silent Slapstick Festival, venues across Bristol

This one is for cultural connoisseurs; the enlightened individuals who appreciate slapstick as an art form. For whom hipsterism was nothing more than a one night stand in the evolution of their cultural consciousness. Whose generous laughter has taken hours of black and white TV to refine. Celebrating silent and classic comedy, Bristol’s annual festival is a niche of good taste. Guest presenters include Chris Addison, Stephen Fry and Denise Coffey.


REGRETS-by-ROBIN-LEE-poster Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

REGRETS at Barts Pathology Museum, London

For those of us doomed to immortal purgatory in the cosmos of singledom, forget hearts and flowers this Valentine’s Day. Think blood and entrails at Barts Pathology Museum with artist Robin Lee and author Russ Litten’s exhibition of REGRETS. Finally a tribute to cynicism and hopelessness.


jjj Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: National Theatre Wales] Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage at National Theatre Wales, Cardiff

On the eve of one of the most important games of his career, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas received a warning: The Sun newspaper was going to “out” him as gay. Watch Alfie subliminate social trauma and sporting talent in what looks like a ground breaking collaboration with National Theatre Wales, Out of Joint and the young people of his hometown Bridgend.


jjj1 Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Les Enfants Terribles] Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground at The Vaults, London

By April, 2014 will be a distant dream. Unravel reality and personal orientation with Les Enfants Terribles’ immersive production of Lewis Carroll’s whackiest episode. Journey down the rabbit hole to gorge on magical cakes, hallucinate with the Caterpillar and sip tea with the Mad Hatter; all whilst trying to keep your head. It might sound like a regular Saturday night… but it’s not.


jjj2 Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Victoria and Albert Museum] What is Luxury?

What is Luxury? at Victoria and Albert Museum, London

This spring the V&A poses a fairly loaded question: What is Luxury? Go muse over production lines or simply admire the glitter. Extraordinary works of craftsmanship will be on display alongside more maverick projects exploring the cultural value of materials such as gold, diamonds and plastic. While it might seem as simple as $$$; consider how time, space, access and inclusivity might impact our ideals.


1899997_709634139123705_7761573297871878195_n Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Upfest]

Upfest, venues across Bristol

Europe’s largest Urban Arts Festival returns to Bristol following last year’s break. Since 2008 Upfest has hosted over 600 different artists from across the globe for live art events and sick paint trails. Attracting over 25, 000 visitors in 2013 join the crowd this summer, stand back and marvel.


jjj3 Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Lattitude Festival]

Lattitude Festival at Southwold, Suffolk

As the summer rolls in it’s time to party! Forget moshing with selfie conscious teens and opt for something a bit more magical. With the best in comedy, theatre, visual and installation art, poetry and performance to play with don’t just get wasted – get inspired!


jjj4 Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Jane Hobson] Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, venues across Edinburgh

No surprises except a fortnight of them here! Like gluten free bread for any aesthete’s cultural diet, Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcases the best and most promising in performance. Expect another carousel of norm appalling creativity in thousands of incarnations.


10712744_673193106135584_3470705311339558402_n Arts & Theatre: 2015 UK calendar highlights

[IMAGE: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia] 

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, venues across Liverpool

As days slowly begin to darken cling onto all breeds of light at Liverpool’s Festival of Psychedelia. Unveiling the colourful underbelly of a city famed for pretty much anything except its mind melting subculture, this trip looks like it will be worth the… trip.

[COVER IMAGE: Daniel Deme, WENN] British Magician Dynamo


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