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REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

As you walk into Golem at the Young Vic you are greeted by  crude drawings of faces and family units with words and phrases that could be mistaken for advert slogans. While you may not know it yet, this is a great introduction to the piece.

10603338_10152723513028346_1115007203333259289_n REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

[IMAGE: Bernhard Müller] Golem at Young Vic

Golem is the story of a lonely boy, an anti-system punk band, fashion, work-place romance, family and technology. These subjects don’t sound like they form a cohesive whole but they flow naturally into one another while the brilliant company behind Golem, 1927, are natural entertainers. They bring this spider web of experience to life in a blur of absurdity, buffoonery and grotesqueness.

10300956_10152723512763346_1050010149789286411_n REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

[IMAGE: Bernhard Müller] Golem at Young Vic

Golem is characterized by unique ideas produced in genuinely clever ways. Two performers, dressed as if they were in an avant-garde Kraftwerk cover-band, enter the stage and perform live music on piano and the drums, bringing music directly to the audience. There isn’t that old disconnect between button pushing and effect; for once it’s actually happening in front of you. 1927 use a mix of live and recorded sound to give the audience an interactive adventure which sees music affecting visuals on stage. 

1621729_10152723512923346_5322411474655895786_n REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

[IMAGE: Bernhard Müller] Golem at Young Vic

The company’s use of projection is where they really come into their own. The set is a simple white flat with a door and a window, but incredible backdrops are conjured by projection including some amazing views of town streets, house interiors and even a French club offering absinthe by the funnel! The actors work as a real ensemble and interact with the projections as if they were really there – no easy feat! They work as a fantastic team and as such everyone seizes the opportunity to shine.

1381865_10152723512323346_4431412795666472329_n REVIEW: Golem @ Young Vic

[IMAGE: Bernhard Müller] Golem at Young Vic

This is a clever piece of theatre-making from a team that obviously know their craft.

The Young Vic
Until 31 Jan 2015


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