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REVIEW: The Passion of Lady Vendredi at Soho Theatre

REVIEW: The Passion of Lady Vendredi at Soho Theatre [IMAGE: Nwando Ebizie] Lady Vendredi and copyright Dimitri Djuric

The extraordinary world that The Passion of Lady Vendredi constructs leaves the audience in a state of simultaneous confusion and satisfaction at the end of the journey. Lady Vendredi and the Vendettas possess a curious ability to immerse and entice the audience into other realms; compelling us to dance, duck, dive and let go of their inhibitions as soon as they walk in the door.

As we make our way downstairs to the theatre, there is a faint sound of drums that gets increasingly louder the deeper we go. We are greeted by the overwhelming spectacle of the Vendettas. Lady Vendredi leads this afrofuturistic pack of dancers, singers and musicians in coordinated movement and song as the story unfolds and we become part of the performance. A surrounded audience have the opportunity to bring their experience to another level, while not only observing, but becoming part of the performance.

The trials and tribulation of Lady Venredi’s life as a woman are played out to us with representations of everything from menstruation to childbirth and murder. With the empowering and sometimes overwhelming feminist feature, it was needless to say that some of the male audience members were left a little uncomfortable. Lady Vendredi pushes the fourth wall boundaries while also encouraging the audience to reflect on their own experiences with patriarchy, and achieves a heightened and real depiction of life as a woman.

The Passion of Lady Venredi is turbulent, seductive and vicious. At times you may want to escape the grips of the Vendetta’s, but once the lights come up you’re left wanting more from Lady V. Nwando Ebizie is ferocious and powerful as she pushes the boundaries in this abstract and contemporary creation.


The Passion of Lady Vendredi at Soho Theatre until April 30th 

Tickets from £17.50


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  1. liiam16 says:

    This review is so close to the original story.. took me to another world !! So amazing

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