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Alex Katz at the Serpentine Gallery

Alex Katz at the Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine gallery is presenting the works of Alex Katz (b, 1927); portraits and landscapes characterised by billboard advertisings, films, music and poetry influences of the New York 1950’s.

Since 1954, the American artist has created his figurative paintings as a reaction to his fascination for abstract expressionism. The exhibition at Serpentine gathers an extensive collection of landscapes from the mid 1990’s with which Katz plays with the notion of present and the idea of “capturing” the viewer. The use of flat line brushes and a restricted palette of bold colours and shapes emerge from the surface of the paintings, altering the realism of his subjects into abstract perspectives. A few close-up portrait depicted as snapshots are also part of the exhibition including his wife’s portrait Ada.

The complete series of art works are set across the gallery to embrace the tonality and the architectural volume of the venue.

The Serpentine Gallery 

11 September.

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