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The Brides of Bluebeard by The Ruby Dolls

The Brides of Bluebeard by The Ruby Dolls

The Ruby Dolls, a female cabaret ensemble, will be the ‘Brides of Bluebeard’ for two evenings  at London’s Shoreditch Town Hall. The quartet will perform a cabaret-style show, entertaining spectators with microphones and a piano only. Singing and telling stories through original music as well-known tunes from Nick Cave, Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé and Rage Against the Machine.

The four women will use this intimate set-up to address contemporary feminist issues and show how female lives have changed over centuries. We hear stories from different wives through contrasting time periods – an inspiration taken from Perrault’s folktale, a disturbing tale of a powerful man who exists above the law and murders all his wives. asking if the transgressive woman is ever rewarded in our society.

The ultimate question this show poses to the audience is upon the reward for the transgressive woman within society, if there is one at all? 



 Shoreditch Town Hall

on 29 and 30 September 2016

For more information, please see the website


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