Where to go this week - - by Emily Yates

The Confession: Brighton film premiere and live Q & A with Moazzam Begg

The Confession: Brighton film premiere and live Q & A with Moazzam Begg Image: The Confession

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ buy Soma with no rx, purchase Soma COD It’s another heavyweight week for Duke of York’s ‘Picturehouse Docs’ series, which will host the Brighton premiere of new Guantanamo documentary, The Confession, on Thursday. Director Ashish Ghadiali and Moazzam Begg accompany the movie to Brighton and will both be taking questions after the screening – a rare chance to speak directly to a man whose story has become inextricable with the ‘War on Terror’.

buying soma Commissioned by BBC Storyville and the BFI,  The Confession is a gripping account of the rise of modern jihad, its descent into terror and the disastrous reaction of the West. The documentary captures the entirety of Begg’s experience since 2005; from his arrest and forced confession, to his experience as a British Muslim negotiating the shifting sands of public opinion since his release from Guantanamo.  As one of the most complex and articulate figures of the last decade, one can expect that 90 minutes with Moazzam Begg will pass in a flash: ‘a profound documentary of great clarity and gravitas’ (The Guardian).

The Confession will be screened at Duke’s at Komedia on Thursday 18th August at 8.30pm, followed by a Q & A with Moazzam Begg and director, Ashish Ghadiali. For more information or to book, click here.



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