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David Lunney at eight-gallery

David Lunney at eight-gallery

Sculpture can at times be hard to love. It can be cold and unrewarding making it difficult to appreciate the form and workmanship of the creation itself. David Lunney creates colourful pieces, ones he hopes he can connect together to form a bigger picture for us. The human element is often involved; our natural surroundings, rural landscapes and the internet.

Here in his latest exhibit Things made for drawing, there is a cool and very straight-edged approach to his work. He allows his often quite angular constructs, knitted and soldered together from various materials, to stand alone against a landscape or a simple white-washed wall, inviting us to question the place of these constructs. Do they add or take away anything from the ordinary surroundings we are used to?

David Lunney – Things made for drawing, eight-gallery, 8 Dawson St, Dublin, Tickets and information can be found here

[IMAGE: eight-gallery]


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