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Folk Film Gathering at The Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Folk Film Gathering at The Filmhouse, Edinburgh

The second edition of the world’s first festival of world folk cinema is being held at The Filmhouse in conjunction with TradFest, the festival which celebrates local Scottish tradition..

The Folk Film Gathering’s programme focuses on a central theme of animals: sheep, goats, horses, cows, lions, whales and herring, and the stories that bind them to communities. From Bradford to Sardinia, 2016’s Gathering continues to explore the myriad ways world cinema has engaged with folk culture – as living tradition, as people’s history, and as working class culture and experience.

This year almost all screenings will be introduced by one of TradFest’s traditional Scottish storytellers, exploring the links between cinema and Scottish oral tradition. Afterwards, there’s the chance to join the auteurs for post-film discussions in the cinema and Filmhouse Cafe Bar.

Films you can see include Venus Peter, Ian Sellar and Christopher Young’s lost classic of Scottish cinema on the big screen. Growing up in 40’s Stromness amongst a family of fishermen, Peter’s life is deeply influenced by dreams, his grandparents’ folk tales and his own powerful imagination. Who is the mysterious woman Peter sees down by the shore, and will he ever know the truth about how his father disappeared?

Also worth catching is Harvest 3000 Years, a striking work of Ethiopian cinema fusing traditional oral culture with cinematic poetry and and a classic of the socialist, anti-imperialist Third Cinema movement. Reminiscent of John McGrath’s celebrated The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black, Black Oil, and highly pertinent to Scotland’s long history of land reform, Gerima’s film tells the story of a family of peasants rising up against their oppressive landlord.

Film Folk Gathering, The Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ, various times, until Thursday 12 May, click here for more details

[IMAGE: Folk Film]


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