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Hidden Door Festival 2016 at The King’s Stables

Hidden Door Festival 2016 at The King’s Stables

This year, Hidden Door will return for the last time to the amazing disused street lighting depot behind King’s Stables Road in Edinburgh. It’s transforming it into an area where the public can explore and discover live music venues, theatre spaces, bars, a cinema, and a multitude of art exhibitions, installation spaces and some of Scotland’s best emerging creative talent.

Hidden Door is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. It is dedicated to opening up disused spaces in Edinburgh, making them available to artists and emerging creative talent for new ideas and groundbreaking projects. There are a whopping 50 artists, 35 bands, 15 theatre companies, 20 poets, 12 film organisations involved – that’s a lot of events to go to!

From Calum Easter, one of Edinburgh’s up-and-coming local singer/songwriters, to a theatre piece by Dougie Strang called Badger Dissonance, visual art, poetry and spoken word events and a few workshops, this is a great festival for anyone who wants to support local artists and feel inspired to create your own art.

Hidden Door Festival 2016, The King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2JY, 27th May – 4th June, click here for more details

[IMAGE: Hidden Door Festival]


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