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Labyrinth at The Hampstead Theatre

Labyrinth at The Hampstead Theatre

Hampstead Theatre presents the world premiere of Beth Steel’s LabyrinthExploring the fallout from one of the most catastrophic financial crises of modern history, Labyrinth transports audiences back to 1978 New York to tell the story of John Anderson, a rising star on Wall Street who sells loans to developing countries to finance his dreams of boundless wealth. But as he and his colleagues start to discover the economic crisis they’re triggering, they’re only pulled deeper into a world of hard targets and suspect deals.

Director Anna Ledwich makes her Hampstead Theatre Main Stage debut following Donny’s Brain, The Argument and the Olivier Award-nominated Four Minutes Twelve Seconds Downstairs.This new thriller is Beth Steel’s follow-up to Wonderland, her 2014 play that was set during the 1980s miners’ strikes. It won The Evening Standard’s Most Promising Playwright award and the Charles Winter Award. With many more accolades and credits tucked under both these women belts, this female-duo are set for a showdown.


Thursday 1 September– Saturday 8 October 2016

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