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Luke McCreadie at Zabludowicz Collection

Luke McCreadie at Zabludowicz Collection

In a new installation at Zabludowicz Collection, Newcastle-based artist Luke McCreadie explores one of his recurrent topics: the way objects and ideas are archived, both by institutions, and personally by individuals.

In Time Team, a new sculptural metal wall in the shape of a broken, an italic letter ‘I ‘ diagonally bisects the gallery space, poking its nose out into the café. It is accompanied by three recent videos; a lecture to a letter, a lecture to an egg and a lecture to an archive (all 2016). These feature texts written by the artist which appear to be transcriptions of live lectures, complete with awkward pauses and false starts, and range from philosophical musings to absurdist anecdotes. McCreadie brings together the process of making, viewing and interpretation in an unsteady but engaging space, exploring the idea of assembling a whole from fragments, using SketchUp models, found images, lyrics and music.

‘Time Team’ by Luke McCreadie

29 September t0 6 November

Check out more on the Zabludowicz Collection website 


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