Where to go this week - - by Liam Fleming

Latitude’s comedy line-up

Latitude’s comedy line-up [Image: Victor Frankowski]

Latitude festival offers Britain’s most diverse choice of music, film, theatre and comedy with this year’s choice to evolve their theatre program to new levels and including more ‘non’music’ venues across Henham Park in Suffolk and the comedy is upping it’s game to. So who is going to be tickling our funny bones we hear you ask. Well with Russell Howard, Reggie Watts, Paul Merton and Al Murray amongst some of the acts already announced, how could it get better? Here’s how…

Headlining the comedic cavalcade of performers will be none other than Bill Bailey. Known for his captaincy on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and cult TV show Black Books Bailey is an institution in his own right. He mixes music and comedy with just the right amount of whimsey to create a fest for the senses. He will surely bring Latitude to a close with a fantastic set.

BillBailey Latitude's comedy line-up

Bill Bailey set to headline the Sunday at Latitude [image: latitudefestival.com]

Joining Bailey in the top spots are ‘oddball’ comedian Milton Jones and Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan. Both have enjoyed great success over the last couple years and have been regular panelists on Mock The Week.

KatherineRyan Latitude's comedy line-up

Katherine Ryan will be performing on the Friday. [image: latitudefestival.com]

Another exciting announcement came in the form of festival regulars Robin Ince and Josie Long who will be performing Festival Shambles based on their amazing podcasts Utter Shambles and Book Shambles. These two bounce off each other beautifully with Ince’s dry tone and demeanour facing Long’s optimistic and happy-go-lucky attitude. Special Guests Reece Shearsmith from The League of Gentleman and Rufus Hound will make this a must see.

It’s always easy to focus on the big names when you’re at a festival, but as with the music, sometimes the most enjoyable moments come from finding one of the smaller acts and discovering something new. Two people you my not have heard of but should try and see if you’re at Latitude are Piff The Magic Dragon, a dragon…who does magic (yes, that is a thing) and Jonathan Pie who’s name might not ring a bell but if you’ve seen any of those political comedy videos on Facebook where the reporter breaks down and tells you what he really thinks, then you’ve seen what he can do. Biting and fiercely poignant, Pie is brilliant at comedy with ‘a message’.

piffthemagicdragon Latitude's comedy line-up

Piff The Magic Dragon who performs the Friday at Latitude [image: latitudefestival.com

And if none of those take your fancy then there are loads more acts to see including: Marcus Brigstocke, Dane Baptiste, Max and Ivan, Jen Kirkman and for all you clown lovers out there, Thom Foole’s Shed Party, which will be featuring comedy, clown and cabaret acts throughout the festival.


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