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Now We Are Here at The Young Vic

Now We Are Here at The Young Vic

Michael, Mr Desmond and Tammy journey to Britain to escape war and persecution. On their way, they encounter unimaginable circumstances and cultures they don’t understand in this heartbreaking tale of the pursuit of Freedom.

Now We Are Here is part of the awarding winning Horizons series, from The Young Vic, which aims to provide a platform for audiences to connect with the political, social and human realities refugees face every day.

Directed by Ian Rickson (MojoJerusalem), this new piece began as a series of workshops with people seeking asylum in the UK due to persecution because of their sexuality. Written in collaboration between refugees and award winning poet Deanna Rodger, Now We Are Here is based on personal accounts and true stories, bringing to light the refugees hopes and expectations for England and the clashing, isolating reality of life in the UK.

Gary Beadle, Manish Gandhi, Jonathan Livingstone and Golda Rosheuvel play the four main characters, bringing these important narratives to the stage, after all, these are the central stories of our age.

20 Jul – 30 Jul

The Young Vic Theatre

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