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The Nunnery Gallery hosts Desire Caught by the Tail

The Nunnery Gallery hosts Desire Caught by the Tail

Bringing both our beloved creative disciplines together, Desire Caught by the Tail, showing at the Nunnery Gallery this bank holiday weekend, is LUXE’s production of a relatively unknown play by Pablo Picasso.

A small-time play by a very big name, Picasso’s piece reflects the devastation and absurdity of occupied Paris in 1941. The show’s first public outing was performed by friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Picasso including; Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Leiris and Raymond Queneau – so audience members can expect a heavy dose of the existential, the highly stylised and the surrealist laced through this script, which features some rather intriguing sounding characters: The Tart, The Onion, Big Foot, Thin Anxiety and Silence.

Producer’s LUXE, dedicate themselves to experimenting with form and theatrical language and aim to present an undiscovered side of the infamous artist’s imagination. It will be performed outdoors in Bow Arts’ courtyard, surrounded by their Victorian warehouse studios, and has been described by Sophie Hill, (Gallery Director) as “a rare opportunity to further our understanding of a brilliant mind through performance rather than paint.”

The Nunnery

25th & 26th August

For Further information, please check out the website


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