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On Sanity Workshop at Union 105

On Sanity Workshop at Union 105

Yorkshire-based comics creator Una has devised a unique project around comics and mental health, called On Sanity. Funded by Arts Council England, the project revolves around a graphic novel by Una that relates two different perspectives of the same day – the day Una’s mother Margaret was admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act. As part of Chapeltown Arts festival and to launch the graphic novel, comic and zine-making workshops are taking place at Union 105 and also on the wards at The Becklin Centre.

The workshops will be delivered by a team of artists including Una herself (Becoming/ Unbecoming, On Sanity: One Day in Two Lives), Darryl Cunningham (Psychiatric Tales, Science Tales, Supercrash) Jean Mc Ewan (Loosely Bound zine collective) and Jack Fallows (Paper Jam zine collective). Working in partnership with Lotte Shaw, Programme Manager at East Street Arts (Union 105) and Tom Bailey of Arts and Minds Leeds, Una aims to help increase understanding of  mental ill-health and recovery through personal stories. The finished book, hot off the press this week, is available free to those who participate in related activities taking place at Union 105 in Chapeltown and at the Becklin Centre in Burmantofts.

On Sanity is an important project, not only because it includes first person accounts from people who have been treated under a section of the Mental Health Act but also because making images is a particularly useful way of communicating about difficult subjects.

More information here
Union 105 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 3HY
Wednesday 6 July


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