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PhotoIreland Festival 2016 01/07-31/07

PhotoIreland Festival 2016 01/07-31/07 Courtesy of PhotoIreland.org

Once upon a time, in a world long, long ago, people used to use real cameras that took skill and effort to use. Nowadays, a mobile phone will do the trick and, fair enough of course, but it’d look mighty odd if war photojournalists and National Geographic camera were rolling around with the latest HTC to capture everything. And anyway, they’re just not as effective.

PhotoIreland hopes to reinvigorate and promote what photography means in Ireland, with critical analysis, discussion and exhibition. It hopes to explore how we see our country and each other, to tap into the culture and develop bounds beyond these shores with other photo festivals and celebrations.

Curated collections and the main programme Ideals will be on show. The latter hoping to bring together a neat exhibit of our local photographers and those abroad.


PhotoIreland, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

For ticket information click the link

[IMAGE: PhotoIreland]


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