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Sam Hewitt’s Hintergedanke: solo show at Brighton’s Dynamite Gallery

Sam Hewitt’s Hintergedanke: solo show at Brighton’s Dynamite Gallery Image: Sam Hewitt

Oil painter and conceptual artist Sam Hewitt will exhibit his latest work at Brighton’s Dynamite Gallery this month, with a special launch evening on Thursday 1st September. The artist will be in attendance on the evening of the Private View, with original works up for sale – RSVP essential. The twelve original works will remain on display at Dynamite throughout September, with prints available for purchase.

Nagging unconscious thought, esp. one that upsets the equilibrium of dominant perspectives or worldviews; the ulterior motive; the hidden saying.

Thinking against, esp. against the ‘Apparently so’, the ‘Just-So’ and, on occasion even ‘The Given’; characterised by “Playfulness, Troublesome Meddling, Enlightened Revelations, Contrariness, and All The Happy Indeterminability of the Abyss.”

Hintergedanke can be viewed at Dynamite Gallery on Trafalger Street until the end of the month. To register for the Private View on Thursday 1st September, RSVP here.


One response to “Sam Hewitt’s Hintergedanke: solo show at Brighton’s Dynamite Gallery”

  1. Catherine McQueen says:

    Can't wait for this show. His work is already part of my collection, but I'm on the look-out for another original for my dining room. Yippy!

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