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Selfridges’ Festival of Imagination

Selfridges’ Festival of Imagination

After getting to know the vivacious Harry Gordon Selfridge on ITV every Sunday night, it’s delightful to see him become a celebrity, even in the after-life.

Selfridges’ innovative Festival of Imagination opens with a quote from its late founder “Imagination is the mother of originality, we encourage imagination in every way possible.” More than a century after its opening on Oxford Street, the celebrated department store has retained Harry’s creative legacy.

The-Imaginarium-at-Selfridges-by-OMA-4-ss-640x360 Selfridges' Festival of Imagination

The-Imaginarium-at-Selfridges-by-OMA-2-ss-640x360 Selfridges' Festival of Imagination

In a custom built Imaginarium reminiscent of the marvels of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland, the Selfridges Festival of Imagination comprises a pop up exhibition of interactive lectures, debates and workshops stretching the frontiers of innovation until 22nd February 2014. Everything from the lunar capital of 2040 to bio-couture features in this expansive and inclusive discussion exploring the future of product design.

The resulting catalogue of visionary gadgets proves what can happen when commercial energy engages with the best in art and science research.


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