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Sigur Ros: Heima at the Lighthouse cinema 21/06

Sigur Ros: Heima at the Lighthouse cinema 21/06 Courtesy of YouTube.com

Ethereal is a word often used to describe the lilting soaring music of Iceland’s Sigur Ros. It’s the perfect word for their almost unclassifiable otherworldly sound.

In 2006, at the very end of a world tour, they traveled their homeland playing impromptu concerts across a wide variety of stages – the coffee shop, the makeshift stage outdoors, the festival. Heima is at once a documentary of these events as it is a visual journey of the country itself. The film performances are cut through with shots of the local flora and fauna, a landscape that suitably matches the band in every way.

On the 21st of June, the Lighthouse cinema is offering fans and curious film goers to experience all this on the big screen the way it should be seen.


The Lighthouse Cinema, Market Square, Dublin 7, from 8.30pm

For ticket information click the link

[IMAGE: youtube]


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