Where to go this week - - by Tamara Akcay

Veronica Scanner at the Royal Academy of Arts

Veronica Scanner at the Royal Academy of Arts The Veronica Scanner: Live 3D Portraiture at the Royal Academy of Arts in partnership with Factum Foundation and the Rothschild Foundation until 11 September 2016 (c) David Parry

The RA, this week starts an exhibit celebrating the art of 3D photogrammetry; in other words, the science of making measurements from photographs. But it gets better than that!


This particular project, The Veronica Scanner (coming from the Latin, ‘Vera’ for true and the Greek, ‘Eikōn’ for icon or image) will last for ten days and involves a bespoke experience, whereupon volunteers will have their heads converted into 3D portraits in real-time. Designed by Manuel Franquelo Jr. and built in Factum Arte in Madrid the scanner uses eight cameras to capture 96 high-resolution photographs of the human head which are then converted into digital portraits. But the project won’t stop there. Every day, a portrait will be shaped into a wooden sculpture and printed in 3D. Visitors will be able to discover for themselves, the intertwined relationship of art and science, which here, aims to push the limits of human replication.


The Veronica Scanner

2nd Sept  – 11th Sept

Find out more details on the website



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