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SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s obligatory movie trailers

SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s obligatory movie trailers IMAGE:

There’s a sense of obligation to this week’s Sneak Peeks. If one didn’t include the latest offering from either J.K. Rowling or the team at Marvel then there would probably be some people left feeling very vexed. Therefore, we’ve covered two of the movies listed this week already in the back catalogue of movie trailer articles, but they require a mention.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Warner Bros.

Whatever you thought of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the new stage play that dives back into the world of Potter), whether that be negative, positive or indifferent, you have to admit Harry Potter is back in the public consciousness in a big way. If you live in London you will know that it is hard to escape its promotion. Tubes, buses and bookshops are teeming with it. November brings another event for Potter fans to go crazy about in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (cinema’s catchiest movie title of this year).

Eddie Redmayne stars as Newt Scamander, a wizard and author, who arrives at the Magical Congress of the United States of America for a meeting with an important official. However, at the meeting is a briefcase that houses a number of dangerous creatures and their habitats that escape, sending the wizarding authorities after Newt. As Newt battles to correct his mistake, the wizarding world also comes under threat as the state of magical and non-magical relations deteriorates.

Joining Redmayne are the likes of Colin Farrell, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Ezra Millar and Jon Voight. It’s a terrific cast as one would expect from a Harry Potter film. There is always the question about the necessity of one of these films, does the Harry Potter universe really need to come back to our screens? The answer is, inevitably, probably not. But, as long as there are fans willing to pay money to go and see it then they will continue to be made. And hey, if they make people happy then why not? Let’s just hope it doesn’t let those fans down when it is released in November.


Fences – Paramount Pictures

Next up is something, one would argue, slightly more interesting. Based on his Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play of the same name, August Wilson writes the feature film adaptation of Fences, directed by Denzel Washington. Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, a former professional baseball player, now working as a waste collector, struggles to provide for his family and comes to terms with the events of his life.

Denzel Washington stars in the film alongside Viola Davis and Jovan Adepo. The trailer is genuinely one of the most powerful trailers that we have covered in all of the thirty four articles of Sneak Peeks. It’s a brilliant trailer and quite frankly would work on its own as a two minute short film. A question from a son to his father “how come you ain’t ever liked me?”. What follows is a truly breathtaking speech delivered by Denzel Washington, and then a glimpse at the end of a confrontation between him and Viola Davis. It is a shining example of what a movie trailer should be. We don’t really find out what the plot of the film is and nor should we. Do we know whether we want to see the film and find out more? Yes we do, of course we do. Fences is released in December.


Doctor Strange – Walt Disney Studios

So, we have to include Doctor Strange don’t we? Marvel fans have been teriffically excited about this one for a while and this week we got another look at Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the eponymous role. Doctor Strange tells the story of Stephen Strange, the world’s top neurosurgeon, who is injured in a car accident that ruins his career. After this, he sets out on a journey of healing where he encounters the Ancient One, who later becomes Strange’s mentor in the mystic arts.

In all honesty, it is hard to get excited for yet another comic book movie. It’s not that this looks bad, on the contrary the visuals look rather stunning (if a little bit Inception-esque), but with a constant stream of them assaulting our senses every other month or so it’s getting hard to differentiate between them, or to work out why this one is different to any other. It is interesting that the production team have decided to change some of the characters in the film from their original comic book counterparts. For instance, the Ancient One, who has always been portrayed as a male is being played by Tilda Swinton. This, despite rattling the more hardcore fans, is a very interesting choice, Swinton is an incredible actress and there is no doubt that she will be right for the role. Doctor Strange will be released in November.


So there you have it, another round of movie trailers for you to take a look at. Come back next week for another sneak peek!


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