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SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s blockbuster film trailers

SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s blockbuster film trailers

This is our tenth look at the week’s latest film trailers, doesn’t time fly when you are watching, ranting and praising? To commemorate our little anniversary we have a selection of film trailers that promise to promote both of these actions in equal measure, both ranting and praising will be in abundance.

Four massive blockbuster movies have had new trailers released this week, the first of which is the second trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. There is no doubt that Suicide Squad is the most interesting project on the DC slate of films lined up for their new attempt at establishing their own cinematic universe.

It does appear Margot Robbie’s character, Harley Quinn, is going to be the star of the show in this one and certainly gets the most attention in the majority of the advertising for the film. Robbie looks like she is having a lot of fun with the role and looks to be both scary and charming in equal measures. Meanwhile, the other characters and stars, including Will Smith, Cara Delevingne and Jai Courtney, all look interesting enough but almost take a back seat to the electrifying Robbie in the marketing.

The film looks fun, we are starting to see more of intense Jared Leto’s performance as The Joker, albeit in very small snippets. It’s to early to weigh in on whether Leto’s performance will live up to Nicholson’s and Ledger’s and despite any immediate feelings we must wait for the film to be released.

There is, however, a potential misstep in the trailer. While it is understandable that DC and Warner Bros. are attempting to build their own cinematic universe to rival Marvel’s, the move of mentioning Superman at the start of this trailer has the potential to turn a lot of viewers off. There is nothing wrong with him being mentioned in the film itself, however, after the mostly negative response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice it seems weird to include this reference in the marketing of a film that was looking to be very popular. It’s not disastrous just slightly off-putting.

Warner Bros. have been busy this week as they have also released the new teaser trailer for Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The film tells the tale of Newt Scamander who has recently completed a global excursion to catalogue the world’s array of magical creatures. When he gets to New York some Newt’s fantastical beasts escape meaning he must hunt them back down before they cause too much chaos for the wizarding world. Newt is played by Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne and he is accompanied by a cast including Colin Farrell, Ron Perlman, Ezra Miller, and Samantha Morton.

There is a huge amount of excitement emanating from Potter fans all around the world, all of them eager to dive right back into J.K. Rowling’s magical world. However, while the film actually looks quite interesting, there is an argument that could be made about the necessity of another film in the Harry Potter universe.

The film will obviously have to stand for itself and there is clearly a craving for it among the fans, however, the cynic could just say that it is just an opportunity for a quick cash grab for Warner Bros. and that maybe the franchise is best left alone after it’s very satisfying conclusion. It seems to be a worrying trend in the movie industry that studios can’t just leave their properties alone as they know that making new films can be profitable for them, for instance, is there really a need for a Toy Story 4? Didn’t we say all we needed with the previous three?

This next sequel definitely shouldn’t have been greenlit but not because the first film ended perfectly but because it just wasn’t very good at all. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is set to hit the big screen in June with Megan Fox, Will Arnett and Johnny Knoxville all returning to the cast. The sequel is directed by Dave Green, whose only other feature film credit is 2014’s Earth To Echo and is produced by the ever popular Michael Bay (remember The Rock? That was good wasn’t it? Why can’t he make good films like that anymore?).

The film looks as one would expect, it is noisy, the turtles look as horrific as they did in the first film, the visuals are seizure inducing and Megan Fox is in skimpy clothing because, well, Michael Bay. If that’s your kind of thing and you enjoyed the first installment then you’ll probably enjoy this one and there’ll probably be a third one for you to enjoy as well. The horror of the Michael Bay sequel train continues to explode it’s way across the world.

Finally, this week Marvel released the first trailer for Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Doctor Strange has had an interesting past when it comes to being adapted for the screen. Since the mid eighties there have been attempts to bring the character to the big screen and now Marvel have finally been able to do it with Scott Derickson set to direct.

It’s easy to feel a bit of fatigue with the constant barrage of superhero films being released at the moment. It feels almost like every other month we are getting a big superhero blockbuster release and every week it seems that we discuss a superhero film’s new trailer here. It is getting slightly dull and while there is clearly still a market for these films, it can only be so long before the bottom falls out and they begin to bomb. We already saw this with Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four.

However, Doctor Strange looks very interesting and quite different to the usual superhero blockbuster. It’s the first superhero film trailer that we have seen for a very long time that doesn’t actually feature any explosions. Yes, there are big visuals but they are all reality bending effects not the usual crash bang wallop visuals that we have grown accustomed to. Hoepfully the actual film will continue in the same vein and there is a hope that we haven’t been misled by the film’s marketing. We will find out when Doctor Strange is released in November.

So there you have it, the tenth edition of Sneak Peeks! Pack away your party hats and balloons and save them for our next anniversary, Sneak Peeks Number 50 here we come! Check in next week for another look at the latest movie trailers.


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  1. Suicide Squad is one of the best trailers I have ever seen and I can't wait to see it… looks amazing!!!

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