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SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s family friendly movie trailers

SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s family friendly movie trailers

This week we have a selection of family friendly blockbusters that should satisfy your movie trailer urges.

First of all, the highly anticipated trailer for Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle in the new live action re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. The film isn’t out until 2017 so only a teaser has been released thus far. As a consequence there isn’t a huge amount to discuss as the majority of the minute and a half trailer comprises of interior and exterior shots of the castle.

As with Disney’s other live action re-tellings of their animated classics, the film has a stellar cast. Joining Watson are the likes of Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, and Ian McKellan to name a few. The trailer does feature a fleeting look of Emma Watson as Belle but nothing for audiences to really latch onto. There has been a huge amount of excitement on the internet about the trailer but really there isn’t anything overly exciting to see yet. As with any teaser, the film is still a long way away, so this really is just to build excitement among the film’s fans and it certainly has done that. In fact, Beauty and the Beast has received the most first-day views for a teaser trailer in history even beating last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Only time will tell as to whether Beauty and the Beast can live up to the wonder of the animated classic. So far Disney’s efforts to revive their back catalogue has been a positive endeavour for them. Cinderella received mostly favorable reviews from critics and The Jungle Book has been a surprise runaway success. Beauty and the Beast will be released in 2017.

Sticking with Disney, and of course the fine folk at Pixar, the new trailer was released this week for Finding Dory. The sequel to beloved Finding Nemo is set six months after the events of the first film and tells the story of Dory, the famously amnesiac fish, attempting to find her family. This journey leads her to the Monterey Marine Life Institute where she meets new faces in an attempt to regain her past.

The trailer certainly looks fun and definitely invokes the same feeling that one had when watching the first film. There are some great gags and it’s hard not to laugh at the sea lions at the end of the trailer. However, we are in remarkably similar territory to the original. The story seems pretty much the same except with a few of the roles swapped around. This is somewhat disappointing when Pixar have a history as a studio of being innovative with their storytelling. One only needs to look at Inside Out for an example of how good Pixar still are and different and interesting their stories can be. So, hopefully the trailer is somewhat misleading and actually the film itself won’t just be a carbon copy of the first.

And lastly, something slightly less colorful but no doubt still exciting for little boys and girls (both at heart and in reality) everywhere, Star Trek Beyond. Justin Lin takes over in the director’s chair with J.J. Abrams producing. You can still notice some lens flares here and there but one can notice them here and there. It still very much looks like a Star Trek film from Abrams’ universe and all the cast have returned with Scotty himself (Simon Pegg) writing the script with Doug Jung.

This time, the crew of the USS Enterprise are unexpectedly attacked forcing them to abandon ship. Stranded on an unknown planet, with no apparent means of rescue, they are forced to fight a new ruthless enemy (Idris Elba) who hates everything the Federation stands for. Fans who felt let down by Star Trek Into Darkness because it felt like a remake of Wrath of Khan will be pleased to see an original new adventure for the crew of the Enterprise. Star Trek Beyond is released in July and looks to be an exciting romp through space.

That’s it for another look at the latest movie trailers. Check in next week for another sneak peek!


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