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SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s lighter movie trailers

SNEAK PEEKS: This week’s lighter movie trailers IMAGE:

Well, last week wasn’t very jolly was it? We were plunged into a world of movie trailers consumed with darkness last week. But this week, there are lighter moments. Not always, but there are some. Take for instance, a good old-fashioned schoolyard brawl…between faculty. Or a has-been singer getting the band back together! So cheer up with these week’s Sneak Peeks!


Fist Fight – Warner Bros. Pictures

We’ll start with a comedy this week shall we? Fist Fight stars Charlie Day as Andy, a teacher, who accidentally gets his colleague Ron (played by Ice Cube) fired who then challenges him to an after school fight. Joining the two are the likes of Christina Hendricks, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell and Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris.

Now, just judging from the trailer, it doesn’t look half bad. It is certainly a fun idea to take the after school fight and transfer it to teachers. The cast is decent, Ice Cube is brilliant in the Jump Street movies and has become a real comic force and Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan have had their moments, if not few and far between. Only time will tell to see as to whether it is any good or not but just judging from the trailer it certainly looks decent. Not amazing but by no means bad. However, comedy is notoriously hard to judge from a trailer as jokes are robbed of all context. Fist Fight will be released in February.


Trespass Against Us – Lionsgate

Next up, something a lot less comedic and a lot more serious. Trespass Against Us is a new crime drama from director Adam Smith tells the story of the Cutlers, a family that is part of the traveler community that constantly clash with police. Chad Cutler, played by Michael Fassbender, wants out of the family business but extricating himself won’t be easy. Playing Chad Cutler’s father is the always phenomenal Brendan Gleeson but the stellar cast list doesn’t stop there with Sean Harris, Rory Kinnear, Lyndsey Marshal and Killian Scott also featuring.

The trailer is thrilling and provides a tantalising glimpse into what will come upon it’s release. It’s also encouraging to see actors of this caliber starring in a low-budget film such as this which may give the film the boost it will need in cinemas. However, reports from Toronto (where the film has premiered) haven’t been too encouraging with Jordan Hoffman from the Guardian calling it “an indulget, arm’s length muddle that fails to convince you its leading men are sympathetic”. Hopefully our opinions will be different when the film is released in November.


Ordinary World – Universal Pictures

Lastly this week is the new comedy-drama film from Lee Kirk, Ordinary World. Ordinary World tells the story of former punk rocker Perry who is ten years into his bands “indefinite hiatus” and is struggling to adapt to the real world. When his wife and daughter forget his fortieth birthday his brother takes pity on him and gives him the money to throw a huge rockstar blowout in a fancy New York hotel. At the party Perry enocunters his former bandmates and manager who offers him a chance to revive his stalled career.

What makes this film very interesting, other than the decent looking trailer is the fact that it is the first time Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has taken on a leading role in a feature film. He plays Perry and already, just from the trailer, looks like he will give a very good performance. Joining Armstrong are Selma Blair, Judy Greer, Chris Messina and Fred Armisen among others and Armstrong has also written some original songs for the film. It looks like a real treat and hopefully it won’t dissappoint when it is released in October.

So there you have it, another, and slightly lighter look at the week’s movie trailers. There’s plenty more of that where that came from, so why don’t you come back next week? Or, if you can’t wait that long there is another thirty-two of these that you can go and read. Just something for you to think about. Come back next week for another sneak peek.


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