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Star Trek: Why the odd numbered films suck

Star Trek: Why the odd numbered films suck IMAGE:

Soma with no prescription Overnight COD Deliveyry Every odd-numbered Star Trek film is shit. It’s a fact because even Scotty Mk II and self-confessed Trekkie, Simon Pegg said it once. Well, his character Tim Bisley said it in Spaced once, but that still counts though, doesn’t it? Perhaps, because the evidence stacks up pretty high against the accused films when you look back on them. Or should we judge less harshly these odd-numbered black sheep of the cinematic Starfleet family and pardon them for their alleged crimes against the Federation? We asked the eternal being, Q, to pass ultimate judgement over the films. Unfortunately, he’s still grieving over his daughter, Jessica Jones, dying of an overdose because the dad from Malcolm in the Middle was breaking badly. Never mind, engage the listicle anyway!

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buy soma online Here’s where it all began cinematically for Kirk, Spock et al and boy, did it kick-off the odd-numbered film myth in poor style. It’s essentially a below-average episode of one of the original TV series episodes, but with a feature-length running time. The novelty of seeing the gang back together in widescreen and looking a bit bulkier in widescreen in their Starfleet uniforms, wears off quickly as the turgid story about a threatening energy cloud (standard Star Trek TV show plot device) plods on in an entirely dull fashion. This is not a good start at all. soma buy cheap cheap soma online consultation Soma free consultation Star Trek III: The Search for Spock order soma for over night delivery

buying soma After that shoddy beginning, the films managed to hit warp-speed with the excellent second film, Wrath of Khan (a film where Kirk manages to create the world’s first ever Star Trek meme). Then came Search for Spock and all the engines failed miserably, bringing the Enterprise bandwagon shuddering to a painful halt. This film managed to undo the emotional impact of the ending of Wrath of Khan – where Spock dies – by unbelievably bringing Spock back to life, so that he can live long and prosper all over again. Not in this film he doesn’t though, as it’s wholly rubbish but it does have the slight bonus of seeing Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future playing a Klingon. Which is always a plus for any film.

accepted cod soma Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery cheap soma overnight delivery Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Soma online with next day shipping Buy Soma No Prior Script Overnight It’s about finding God in space. It’s directed by Shatner. Let’s just move on to the next one, shall we?

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saturday delivery on soma The first cinematic outing for the Next Generation crew where Captain Jean-Luc Picard is going to be coming face-to-face with Captain James T. Kirk for the first time ever and this is going to be awesome, surely? Well, no. The whole thing just doesn’t live to up the expectations of the glorious Captain dust-up, that us nerds all imagined it would be. It’s less De Niro/Pacino in Heat and more De Niro/Pacino in Righteous Kill. Generations is also let down by a tedious villain in the form of Malcolm McDowell, uninspired set-pieces and a story that does nothing to help the Next Generation cast transition to the big-screen. buy Soma with no rx, purchase Soma COD  

generic Soma next day cod pay soma Star Trek: Insurrection Soma without doctor rx Soma without doctor rx Here’s where, in our humble opinion (and feel free to disagree), the odd-numbered myth starts to fragment slightly. Because Insurrection is actually not awful. It feels like a Next Generation two-parter, but that’s not at all a bad thing. In fact, this is probably the only one of the TNG film series that feels closest to the show’s spirit and ethos. It was slower-paced and much more thoughtful in it’s character development, but given it had to follow on from the fun rollicking action of First Contact, it probably came across as somewhat dull. Which is a shame, as we like to think that Insurrection offers some of Patrick Stewart’s best work as Jean-Luc. This one’s definitely worth an away team revisit. Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery  

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Buy Soma without prescription on sale Which us brings us to rebootrequel territory and J.J. Abrams giving  birth to the franchise all over again, thanks to every sci-fi writers favourite go-to gimmick: good old time travel. It’s a gutsy move to go back to the now legendary original characters and recast them all, but Abrams just about manages to pull it off. Star Trek is fast-paced, fun and entertaining. It also combines some of the geeky pleasures of the original and updates it for the new generation of fans. However, the caveat to this is that maybe, just maybe, it’s no longer that same Star Trek that we grew up with. Which is fine, as we completely understand that if the Trek franchise was ever going to continue, it needed a fresh lick of paint to appeal to new audiences. But still, it’s always going to feel like something from the original show was lost a little bit in the teleportation.


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And now, we’re bang up to Stardate and Star Trek Beyond is the third in the new era series and the thirteenth Trek film in total. Has the myth of the odd-numbered films finally been busted, or will Beyond set phasers to overdone and pull the myth kicking and screaming from the grave, like they did with Spock at least one time too many? Time will tell we guess. Or it would, if we knew which bloody time it was in the Star Trek universe these days.


Joel Harvey is a writer and shameless geek . He likes to break your fourth wall. Follow him on Twitter @complexpond.

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