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Top 10 film trailers of 2014 so far

Top 10 film trailers of 2014 so far

We’ll keep exposition to a minimum here: if you haven’t seen the trailers before, we don’t want to spoil them for you; if you have, you already know how awesome they are. In any case, here are our top 10 trailers of 2014 so far.

They’re all pretty mainstream, nothing too, too obscure, and they probably average out at a little over two minutes each. Some of these films we’ve seen, some we haven’t; based on the strength of their trailers, they all would seem to have potential for greatness.

If for some reason you’ve managed to avoid seeing any of them, we recommend dedicating the next twenty-something minutes of your life figuring out what has us so hooked.


soma cod saturday Jersey Boys (June 20th)

A stylish and catchy period musical with Scorsese undertones.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 17th)

An ambitious follow-up to 2011’s apocalyptic reboot: The Last of Us with monkeys!


The Raid 2 (April 11th)

A bloody and kinetic martial arts fest full of short, sharp shocks.


Godzilla (May 15th)

An epic but characterful monster flick.


Locke (April 18th)

A taut and atmospheric little thriller featuring Tom Hardy at his very best.


The Grand Budapest Hotel (March 7th)

A perfect showcases for Anderson’s signature OCD aesthetics.


X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 22nd)

A complex and ambitious superhero sequel/prequel with a colossal cast.


Under the Skin (March 14th)

A remote and disturbing look at what makes us human.


Guardians of the Galaxy (July 31st)

A new direction for Marvel: quirky, unpredictable, and just a little bit rude.


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (August 29th)

Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller return with more hyper-noirish tales of blood and redemption.


Interstellar (November 7th)

A simple and profound little reflection on the progress of mankind.


Rob Wallis is a graduate of the London Film School and a recent member of the Online Film Critics Society. He also keeps a rarely updated, bare-bones blog, Of All the Film Blogs, ( You can follow him on Twitter @robertmwallis.

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