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When Worlds Collide: 6 film and TV crossover mash-ups we’d love to see

When Worlds Collide: 6 film and TV crossover mash-ups we’d love to see Deadpool vs Wolverine: One fight we'd pay to see

We love a good crossover fight. Any excuse to see fantasy heroes, that wouldn’t normally meet up with each other outside of fantasy therapy, cross paths and duel it out is perfectly fine by us.

Some argue that film and TV crossovers are nothing more than cynical cash-cows and have contributed to the decline in popularity of the franchises involved, Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason being prime examples. These projects are likely the work of studio accountants, who are trying to squeeze every last penny from the intellectual properties they own. They probably even used words like “synergy” or “brand-merging” when they pitched the ideas. Ergh.

But when crossovers are done right, by the right people who understand both source material and can find the perfect biting point of tension between the characters, they can end up with a veritable collision of greatness. Of course, comic books have been writing crossover story-lines for years, but now with the rise of both Marvel and DC cinematic shared universes, we’re starting to see them more and more on the big screen. With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now being followed up with Captain America: Civil War, the crossover fights are set to become the new blockbuster movie event, as we see all our favorite heroes (and Aquaman) duke it out for ultimate supremacy on the big screen.

There’s many more fantasy crossovers out there though waiting to happen, that might just blow our collective geeky minds away. Sadly, we know that due to complicated character rights, the legal departments are the true super-villains here, as they thwart our nerdy dreams from coming to life each and every time.

Lawyers be damned though, as we now reveal 6 of our most highly desired crossover mash-ups. Let battle commence!

1) Marvel vs DC

Let’s get the obvious one out the way first. Now, the heroes of these two universes have already gone toe-to-toe (with varying degrees of success) in the comic book world. Could it be done in the cinema as well? It could be a terrible idea, a confusing mishmash of styles that may never gel together. But think about it for a moment.

Imagine that shot of the X-Men, the Avengers and the Justice League, as they do the slow-motion superhero team walk towards camera. That 10 second bit of footage alone would probably make enough money to bank-roll the entire failing global economy for the next 100 years. For the sake of all our countries financial securities then, world leaders should be trying to make this film happen.

Sure, it might end up a creatively redundant affair, but it may also save society as we know it from collapsing around us. Excelsior!


2) Doctor Who vs Sherlock

The Doctor is Sherlock Holmes traveling through space and time. Sherlock Holmes is the Doctor with a deerstalker hat and a drug addiction. It would be infinitely fascinating to see these two similar icons lock mental horns and who would end up winning the battle.

Given the Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis connections to both shows, this one has legs (which is more than can be said about the Daleks – sorry, not sorry). It’s doubtful though, that Moffat would ever compromise the real-world integrity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s current take on Holmes, by introducing fantasy elements to it.

Because it’s not like he’d construct an entire world in the Sherlock universe, just to serve a gimmicky time-traveling story as that would be just plain… oh, wait.


3) Star Wars vs Star Trek

The evil genius Kim Kardashian once tried to break the internet with her bum. Well, if this crossover was ever announced then it would likely succeed, where Kim’s derriere failed.

For years, online dust-ups between fans of the two franchises have been raging and there’s no middle ground. You must take a side and then let battle commence as to which is the space-saga to end all space-sagas (pity the poor soul who pipes up with Battlestar Galactica and duly gets ripped to shreds by both rabid sides).

The problem with this crossover, is that the very idea that both universes could actually meet is such a gaping plot anomaly, not even J.J. Abrams could make it work. But good lord, brace the internet for impact if it did ever happen and we boldly go where no Jedi has gone before.


4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Thundercats

Oh, how we have tried to forget the recent awful cinematic reboot of the Ninja Turtles. It’s really hard, because they’re about to shove it in our faces again by releasing a sequel, but still we had hoped to erase the CGI heavy monstrosity out of our heads forever.

What needs to happen with the heroes in a half shell is a return to the ropey late 80s animation and then for them to battle it our with another animated manimal super team, the Thundercats. Look, this is really just an excuse for us to hear someone mash-up the TV show soundtracks (not you, Skrillex) and for us to bathe in the warming nostalgic glow of our childhoods being relentlessly milked to death in front of us, for our own sick entertainment.

As long as you make sure Michael Bay is at least several continents away from the idea, we can all be happy with this.


5) Deadpool vs Wolverine

This is probably the closest idea on this list to actually happening. The same studio (Fox) owns both cinematic rights to the characters, both anti-heroes are popular with audiences (even if the criminally underrated The Wolverine, did not get the ticket sales it deserved) and both have even met before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

With all the Wolverine/Hugh Jackman in-jokes in the Deadpool film, a pairing between the two now would make perfect sense. Reynolds could even relentlessly goad Jackman in the film about how his singular outing has now out-grossed the most popular Wolverine film. Ouch, bub.


6) Ash from Evil Dead vs The Walking Dead

There’s little to be said about this one, as this “leaked script” from Bruce Campbell says it all.


Joel Harvey is a writer and shameless geek . He likes to break your fourth wall. Follow him on Twitter @complexpond.

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