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REVIEW: Bad Neighbours 2

REVIEW: Bad Neighbours 2

Soma fast delivery no doctors If a comedy film is measured how funny it is by the amount of actual vocal laughs produced, then Bad Neighbours 2 isn’t very funny at all. Aside from a chuckle-worthy comment regarding Jersey Shore reprobate Snooki, the film is almost entirely devoid of laughs. That’s not to say that it’s a bad film – far from it in fact. Much like the first film the chemistry between the cast members is enjoyable enough and the film is a chilled, switch-off-your-brain, inoffensive watch.

soma pharmacy COD saturday delivery However, because Bad Neighbours 2 is so much like it’s predecessor, its that which causes it to fail. The first film wasn’t funny enough to warrant a sequel to start with, so here we are two years later with much of the same – amiable, moderately enjoyable, average cinematic fodder.

Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping We pick up once more with young couple Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Bryne) who are now expecting their second child alongside toddler Stella (Zoey & Elise Vargas), in preparation for their expanding brood the pair have just brought a new house; however their current abode’s sale doesn’t go entirely to plan when the house is put into escro; meaning they have a 30 day window until the sale is locked if the new buyers aren’t happy with anything they find.

Buy Soma without prescription on sale In a terrible stroke of bad timing the house next door is rented out by feisty college freshman Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her newly formed sorority, Kappa Nu. Kappa Nu are mentored by the houses former fraternity leader, and previous films foil Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron). It’s war all over again as Mac and Kelly struggle to get rid of the houses new occupants before their 30 day escro is up. However, in an early and predictable twist, Teddy is ousted by his new army and switches sides, teaming up with the Radner’s to take down the hoard of teenage girls next door.

What follows is a predictable series of one-upmanship set pieces, that never quite amount to true set piece status – the attempts to top the airbag chair of the first film fall embarrassingly flat – all of the originality of the first film is lost along the way. Bad Neighbours 2 doesn’t ever try to outdo it’s previous outing, which is a shame. Although the Kappa Nu girls are a fun bunch, each with their own quirky personalities, when placed against them and shoddy parents Mac and Kelly it’s surprisingly Zac Efron’s Teddy that resonates as the most sympathetic and interesting character.

Tarnished with a criminal record due to the previous films events, Teddy has struggled to find a worthwhile job and place in society whilst watching his former Delta Psi frat-bro’s moving on and growing up. The final straw comes when Teddy’s best friend Pete (Dave Franco) becomes engaged forcing Teddy to move out. Desperate to have “value” and a worthwhile place like he had in his college frat days, Teddy is lonely, eager to please and is searching for his purpose.

This is one of many surprisingly relatable themes Bad Neighbours 2 hides under its simple drugs and hoes style of comedy; parenthood, friendship, feminism, lifelong bonds and independence are all handled in an unexpectedly sweet way, although By no means subtle they are not overt enough to be intrusive in what is essentially a comedy for teenage boys who still titter at boobies and think massive garbage bags full of weed are funny. Among all this, Bad Neighbours 2 contains one or two scenes that demonstrate embarrassingly shoddy editing, in particular a scene involving Fraiser’s Kelsey Grammar, a toddler and a sex toy, which don’t do the phone in nature of most of the film any favors at all.

Overall Bad Neighbours 2 is a very average film, but what it lacks in belly laughs, makes up for in heart and charm, and the comforting embrace of the Rogen school of comedy. You get what you expect, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. buy no perscription soma Bad Neighbours 2 Buy Soma with no prescription is showing now in cinemas across the UK


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