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REVIEW: River Tiber – Indigo

REVIEW: River Tiber – Indigo

Indigo is a twelve track project of pure luxury; a synth driven, R&B infused collision of sounds further layered with various, unassuming instruments and soulful harmonies. More widely known for his talent as a producer, working alongside an array of hip-hop artists, including the likes of Drake, Freddie Gibbs, and Travis Scott, Indigo shows that River Tiber, aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley, certainly hasn’t neglected his own artistry.

Releasing his first EP, The Star Falls, back in 2013 and later receiving critical acclaim for his sophomore EP, When The Time Is Right, the Toronto-born, multi-instrumentalist, has now firmly earned his place amongst artists such as James Blake, Frank Ocean, and How to Dress Well.

Indigo opens with Genesis, an organ inspired, synth-drenched starting point to the album, a track to ease you into his use of contrasting sounds. Maria and Green In Blue, two tracks that merge together, and comparable to Genesis, based on length, provide dramatic moments of instrumentation and silky vocals. 

No Talk, with its intense, haunting beat, and an intermittent baseline and growing synth, builds parallel to the repetition of lyrics and the beautifully integrated cello. The sound of the cello also helps layer, Acid Test, a previously released track, and a Zane Lowe ‘World Record’, a track that involves the contribution of his live band members and further enhances his skills as a producer.

There is an overarching sound to Midnight with its prominent electro beat and R&B infused vocals. The same could be said of the following track, West, but, this time, the vocals seem to capture something ever more soulful. The latest single release, I’m a Stone, also seems to have incorporated this warm vocal tone but perhaps a little darker in its electro beat approach.The subtle sounds of trap heard in Motives, the indie pop edge of Barcelona and the hip-hop beat of Clarity reveals just how well River Tiber encapsulates such a unique diversity of sound on this album.

The final track, Flood, is set up with a drum beat and harmonic, atmospheric vocals, but the song suddenly takes a different direction: “There’s gonna be a flood!” The synth starts to rise, competing with the drum rhythm and the vocals are pulled along with it. We are left with the troubling lyrics: “What do I know?

Indigo will, no doubt, take you on an enticing journey and the destination? A sonic dreamworld. It is a must listen and officially released today.


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