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dypublishing’s New Rap Mixtape ‘Heir To The Throne’ – The Review

dypublishing’s New Rap Mixtape ‘Heir To The Throne’ – The Review Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst

dypublishing a self-proclaimed Bobby Boy rapper from Reading, UK, proves he might be the most exciting addition to the hip hop landscape for 2018. Here’s why you need to hear from him, if you haven’t already.


dypublishing is an underground ghostwriter and rapper from Reading, Berkshire, UK. He flirted with relative success in the early part of the 2010’s when he was signed to local artist management label ‘Play’ after he was discovered by company owner Russ Alsop, in The Social Oakford.

The pair produced and exhibited an LP ‘What’s Your Frequency’, released in 2012. Many compared the work to something akin to a naughties version of Al Green mixed with Dolly P. It took aim at many other local aspiring emcees, in particular Glyn “babyface’ O-Double (on the album’s opener, ‘Idiot’) and Farmer T (on the underground classic ‘telescope’). The album can be streamed on bandcamp – here.

life-rapper dypublishing's New Rap Mixtape 'Heir To The Throne' - The Review

dypublishing performing at the wedding of famous society couple Ali-Ba-Ba and ‘Scouse” (of ‘London Society’ fame). Apparently he was paid £10,000 for the appearance.

Labels made offers, but in the end things seemed to fizzle out without anyone putting ink to paper. After this brief encounter with limelight little further mention of what happened to the budding emcee followed. There were rumours dypublishing was roaming homelessly through Romainian squat dwellings in East London.

It was reported in one Reddit forum that he’d joined a travelling theatre company up in Scotland. Early in 2017, however, some recordings surfaced of new material, under the Yates’ re-invigorated nom de plume and the results quickly generated internet chatter and approval.

dypublishing threw up a new profile and some hot new instrumentals on his blog, uploaded a raft of new material to Soundcloud and the effect was like semtex. The results culminated in ‘Heir To The Throne’, his new mixtape, and the results are spellbinding.

Released in collaboration with his Reading, UK rap label – dypublishing, you can stream the (what’s being cautiously dubbed as ‘mixtape’) below.

Heir To The Throne tracklist – dypublishing

1. Drake – Crew Love (Feat. The Weeknd) Remix
2. Feedback And Comments
3. Say You Will Freestyle – Kanye West Remix
4. Giggs – Linguo Remix
5. Drinking In LA
6. Easy

The undeniable banger of the album is “Giggs – Linguo Remix”, which has laready garned over 1K Soundcloud plays.

“I wanted to create something, not for the fans exactly, but for the clerical section of my fans…that’s what this whole journey’s been about recently, to be honest…God.” – dypublishing, on the creation of ‘Heir To The Throne‘.


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