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INTERVIEW: Tre Capital

INTERVIEW: Tre Capital Tre Capital, from Finito video

With a raw flow, edgy bars and beats which hit harder than a freight train, Tre Capital is one of the hottest prospects in rap music today. Oh, did we forget to mention that he’s also West Coast rapping legend Xzibit’s son? After early features on his dad’s track, he’s been carving out a name for himself off the back of some stellar releases. At just twenty years old, he’s already getting pushed by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, and looks destined to follow in the footsteps of his old man and become a West Coast great. A new project, titled I Can’t Die Yet, is due for release in 2016.

The Metropolist: Tell us about yourself and your life growing up in Los Angeles, California

Tre Capital: I’m 20 years old. The experience out here is wonderful man. I moved a lot growing up, if not every year or two, to different parts of the world. I even lived in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) for 5 years. I hated moving so much but I was exposed to more during my travels. That is why when it came to my music I had so much culture to express. The vibes in LA are insane. It attracts people from all over the world.

TM: To what extent does the LA music scene influence you?

TC: The LA music scene is a big part of the culture. Can’t leave out the bay & everything that’s going on there. I grew up on Dre, Snoop, my pops (Xzibit), 2Pac, Pac Div, Odd Future. High school was a crazy ass time for my homies & I.

TM: At what age did you start making music and why?

TC: I seriously started making my own music when I was 16 years old. A lot of people said I was not ready because I was full of my own ideas however I could not execute them. So I took my time to properly prepare myself.

My first mixtape Heaven Isn’t Far From Here took me over a year and a half to make. It was a blank canvas. No identity. Just myself and a microphone. Now you’re encountered with all of these challenges, what are you going to speak about? What type of artist are you?

It amazes me how far I’ve grown since then to my new project I’m working on. I stayed patient but always ensured I was evolving. I think the fans appreciate me caring so much about my own craft. I wanted to make music because I loved it so much. I want to be just as great as my idols.

Music is the only thing I can do for the rest of my life and not feel like it’s work. Making music is the greatest job in the world to me.

TM: Your music is very unique and you have clearly created your own sound. What artists would you say influenced you the most growing up?

TC: That was one of the main points to not care about a new bounce or new sonics. It is overrated to be honest. People should create freely using their own emotions and ideas to fully represent who they are. I wanted to be a producer before I became an artist, so I would stay up every day from sun up to sun down creating new music.

My Gundam EP series was some of my favorite work. Gundam II was ahead of its time, like the appearance, cover art, music and production.

My main influences would be Black Milk, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne. I have a bigger list but these artists growing up ultimately inspired me to be the artist I am today.

TM: Your record Comeback of a Century was recently played on Beats 1 by Zane Lowe and Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, are you affiliated with either of them?

TC: Not at all. I was super appreciative. I support the OVO and Beats 1 camp heavily. Boi-1da (OVO Sound producer who has produced a number of huge hits for the likes of Drake and Eminem) is one of my friends who has given me a lot of great advice regarding my music. Right after Gundam came out I had the opportunity to play him everything I had, including unreleased music. That same night I met Kendrick Lamar.  I actually met drake one time at this espy’s after party last year that I rapped about in my song Capo.

I don’t know if people picked it up, I broke down the whole night but I did not tell him I was a rapper, we just talked. He was dope. I told him I appreciate everything he does.

Funny how a year later he is playing my music on his radio show, everything works out the way it is supposed to if you are in it for the right reasons.

TM: Are you signed to anyone or are you fully independent?

TC: Fully independent, however I have had offers. I really do not have any expectations of what is going to happen, that is the fun part. I want people to find my music and be like “who the fuck is this guy?” Like how did he get played on OVO Sound and how is Zane Lowe premiering his single, everything is organic.

I craved creative positions. I achieved these positions because of my will to work harder than anyone else. The people really feel my music so when things pop off it will be a beautiful sight.

I am trying to destroy the standards people feel held back by. Kicking down the gates for everyone whether they appreciate it or not.

Working with these Grammy nominated producers yet I’m an up and coming artist.

I am always thinking 10 years ahead.

TM: Could you make us a five track playlist of what music you are listening to right now?

TC: Tre Capital – Running with the touch

Playboy Carti – Holyfield Chopped and Screwed

Lil Wayne & Gudda Gudda – Demolition Freestyle Part 1

ASAP Ferg – Tatted Angel

Bas – Housewives


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