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Beacons Metro Festival 2015

Beacons Metro Festival 2015

Beacons Festival has had a makeover! A pretty big one as well, now serving your senses as a metropolitan festival it’s more accessible than ever before.

With a full programme lasting over 12 whole weeks, hitting cities including Manchester and Leeds, the North will have something to look forward to as the weather gets colder in the next few months.

Landing in Leeds on October 2nd, the mainly rock and electronica, indie-tastic line up so far has been pretty impressive. Consisting of acts such as poetic, opinionated art-rockers Everything Everything. London based Boxed In also joins ready to hypnotise you in all things Indie Dance and if they’re not perfect examples of the genre spectrum that Beacons Metro has to offer; distorted, sunshine-y Wavves will hopefully make us all forget the oncoming cold weather. There’s pretty much no excuse not to make your way to at least one of the plentiful selection of shows.

The line up, exciting as we all know it is, isn’t the only great factor. With the excellent selection of venues, expertly chosen to showcase each live act perfectly. The most interesting venue choice out of them all though, is the main venue of Leeds, Headrow House: A venue that will actually launch during Leeds’ free opening party, headlined by the enigmatic, electronic East India Youth and TM fave, Ghost Culture.

The night not only setting sail right into Beacons Metro: Leeds, but also seeing off Headrow House into the unsure currents of the Leeds Music scene. Formerly a textile factory, it holds a massive 11,000+ square feet of space, which sounds incredibly promising for big crowds and expectations of oodles of amazing atmosphere. Those responsible for this are the same people behind Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, another venue occasionally involved in the festival.

This is all but a small fraction of the festival, with so many shows and so many places and even more still to be announced, we foresee a future where the North firmly reinstates it’s musical roots and Winter, no matter how much Game of Thrones try, can’t possibly be a scary thing.

Beacons Metro Festival, 2nd October – 10th December, various venues, click for more information.

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