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MIX PREMIERE: Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #8

MIX PREMIERE: Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #8 We premiere the 8th instalment of Jerry Bouthier's Heart and Soul mixtape series (photo credit: Nik Hartley)

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the 8th instalment of Jerry Bouthier’s Heart & Soul mixtape series – high-fives all round. Bouthier is one of the pioneers of the French electronic music scene, and, having established himself in London years ago, is now part of the much loved Kitsuné label, one half of JBAG, the sound designer for Vivienne Westwood. And if you were a Boombox baby back in the Noughties he’d be soundtracking the dancefloor each Sunday.

Bouthier’s Heart and Soul series is his chance to put out all of the newest and best electronic music he’s been listening to and playing at gigs and shows. In his words, Heart & Soul is:

“Inspired by the soundtracks I produce for fashion shows, I felt the urge to create mixes above all based on melody and emotion, sensual and moving, essentially feminine, yet funky and danceable without missing a beat.

Every three months I gather some of my favourite new, and sometimes not so new, tracks in all kinds of electronic genres to build a mix which unfolds like a story you can get lost into, just like a film to listen to.”

You can catch Bouthier at his new weekly residency LOV’ BAZAR @ Black Dice every Thursday.


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