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MIXOLOGY: Our top 5 new mixes of the week

MIXOLOGY: Our top 5 new mixes of the week Lenzman somehow manages to get drum and bass in to our mix selection this week so you know it must be really good (photo credit: Tim Kulk)

Another fortnight and another selection of the top new mixes to hit the web. Just in time for the Easter weekend, here are the five SoundCloud selections worth giving a listen.

Bwana – Luckyme x Rinse 59

Luckily for us, Luckyme Records, an international label stretching from soul to experimental techno, has a monthly radio show on everyone’s favourite ex-pirate radio station – Rinse FM. This time around they bring on Bwana, a producer fitting for the label’s adventurous tastes. Cramming into the mix a range of sounds that both sooth and energise, the label is full of treats. Bwana delivers a guest mix that encompasses his own style of techno accelerated house, whilst also feeding off the Luckyme disregard for genre convention, which is only a good thing.


Greg Wilson – Further Future Exclusive Mix

40 Years into one of the most storied careers in dance, Greg Wilson is showing no signs of abandoning his passion for cherry picked disco with this recording from his set last July in the Attick, Warrington. The man who pioneered the electro-funk genre in the 1980s still sounds enjoyably fresh in this mix, keeping the vibes light and the mixing clean. Disco will never be a genre to reach the same heights as its cousins in house and techno, but when it’s chosen this well and put down like this, it’s hard to resist the funk.


Lenzman – I-DJ

On to some drum and bass now, and this is probably the first time the genre has featured in Mixology. Trust it to be one of D&B’s finest then, Lenzman, to provide a cracking mix this week. The Dutchman’s soulful touch to a genre most commonly associated with heaviness lends itself well here, arranging tracks nicely into a coherent, fluttering hour that showcases just how interesting a genre D&B can be in the hands of a skilled mixer. That’s not to say the heaviness isn’t present here, as the Metalheadz man still brings the bassier touches in droves.


Jodie mix – Rinse FM

This might be the second time Rinse FM has made it to the list but consider it a credit to increasing variety of talent that the station is bringing to the airwaves and making available online not only to listen to for free, but also to download too. This mix, by a ‘Jodie’ who could be anyone really, and is only known by the uploader AUSMUSIC, brings in a nice 35 minutes of perfectly chilled house. AUSMUSIC, a label known for its vision for acquiring the best of the London underground house scene showcases here a small but wonderfully curated selection of tracks that glide by with wonderful ease.


Moomin: Moomin Mix

Moomin is a DJ hailing form Berlin, known for frequenting all those clubs that have given the city its name as a four to the floor freak’s paradise. This is a mix that was originally intended for Resident Advisor, but was passed on instead. It’s hard to hear why this happened, this is a fantastic mix tying together light footed techno along with some fist pumping house. It’s a tight mix, encompassing the sort of sounds that are a fresh and familiar at the same time – the mark of a DJ with their finger on the button, it’s always refreshing for fans of a particular genre to unearth the gems discovered by a real crate digger.


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