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Eliot Sumner @ The Cookie, Leicester, September 4th

Eliot Sumner @ The Cookie, Leicester, September 4th

Eliot Sumner.

You may well ask, who?

Apologies for pulling the proverbial rug from underneath your beat-hungry feet.

I Blame Coco is most likely how you’ll recall the elfin-faced, husky voiced, unwavering ska punkess and her synthed up band of beatnik men.

It seems as though,  after some time out from the crazy world of Rock and Roll for a spot of ‘self reflection and growth’, Eliot Sumner feels she has developed as an artist sufficiently enough and is now ready to do away with cute stage names, embrace a new realm and move forward with her second album.

Approaching the humble, yet quirky venue for this unlikely and strange opportunity to witness the singer’s foray into – musically speaking – complex, more mature lands, two things become quite clear.

One: No amount of skinny jeans or ‘we’re just like you guys’ mentality will ever detract from the almost visible mist a high-caliber musical entity creates.

And, two: These guys, casually perched outside one of Leicester’s most renowned hipster hangouts, quietly conversing among themselves, were unashamedly here to give us the show of our lives.

Eliot the person is a stand up gal. Quietly spoken; every syllable of speech carefully considered by its very nature.

Beneath this exterior however, her labyrinthine and intricate inner essence which exudes from every pore of every unspoken word, is unquestionable.

It is in the smallest of eye flickers, in the tiniest of almost smiles.

Eliot, the artist is a whole other story.

Unleashing her rock goddess prowess onto the anticipating crowd, Miss Sumner and her impressive band give us a taster with the second single to drop from the new EP, Information.

Come Friday was delivered with faultless precision, complete with just the right amount of attitude, jutting, and an unmistakable, familiar air of one who had gone before her.

She starts – “Sometimes I think to check/Sometimes I think to catch you out” and off she goes, casting the spell.

Immediately it’s clear, the sound and style is more refined. Matured.

If there was ever any question of being overshadowed by ones parental heritage (she is Sting’s daughter), at this point, it had certainly been eliminated. Although, there are some things which are undeniably and charmingly genetic. Eliot Sumner is unmistakably her father’s daughter.

Coming from pop-reggae beginnings, then veering slightly off towards electro indie punk with her debut album ‘The Constant’ back in 2010, it’s nice to hear the singer taking a resolute step back to the beginning, with a more definite concept of who she is personally and within a band.

For the next hour, the musical offerings came faster and stronger, played with a passion which tells its own story.

Eliot Sumner unapologetically captured a tiny part of every audience member’s soul, whilst showing us what can happen when you take time out to find your true voice and authenticate your sound.

There is something special happening here, and if this reintroduction is anything to go by, they will be around for a while to come.



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