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LIVE REVIEW: Enter Shikari and friends cause chaos at Lock In Live

LIVE REVIEW: Enter Shikari and friends cause chaos at Lock In Live

1 venue. 4 Bands. 150 fans. That was the setting for this week’s Lock In Live event inside Proud Camden.

The secret show in Stables Market touted Dead!, Mallory Knox, Enter Shikari, and The Damned for 150 competition winners and one whole day of hard rock and genre-defying bands.

First on the billing was Dead! a London based five piece promising a mix of hard rock, grunge and indie to create a sound and a vibe that tore the lid off the venue almost immediately, a perfect opener that had everyone invested right from the go. The only problem with the show became a running theme for the day, as this was essentially a mini festival scheduling was tight and Dead! were only able to deliver three songs before it was time for a break. Though the amount of energy the boys were able to fit in this limited time-frame cannot be overstated.

Mallory Knox were the second band to go on, delivering a bit more of a chilled set than the other acts but in a way that worked to their advantage. Despite being the ‘least heavy’ of the four bands the intimate setting of the show and the brilliance of their music allowed the English alt-rockers to deliver their set with gusto including several classics and the latest single.

damned LIVE REVIEW: Enter Shikari and friends cause chaos at Lock In Live

Captain Sensible has been rocking that beret for 40 years

At Around 7:30 it was time for Enter Shikari, this is when the day really ratcheted up. Almost as soon as the guys had played a single note the crowd was in a messy, moshy, furore bouncing from side to side and screaming along with every syllable, including the recently released single HOODWINKER and some of their more recent tracks. The four song mini-set was a rocket fuelled adventure of sound complete with crowdsurfing (maybe by the person writing this) inside this tiny venue. Fitting, given that Shikari are actually the world record holders for most crowd-surfers at a single performance.

Finally The Damned, the headline act of Lock In Live. This iconic punk band have now been consistently rocking for 40 years and this performance was no exception. Admittedly the crowd was smaller than the already tiny crowd (it was fairly apparent that most people were there for Shikari) but that didn’t stop The Damned, who delivered their set with as much gusto and vim that you could have been forgiven for thinking it was 1976 all over again. As they blasted out classic after classic punk anthem singer Dave Vanian and guitarist Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) were leaning over the barriers getting up in the face of anyone and everyone at any opportunity, a perfect ending to an unforgettable experience.

This gig was truly a once in a lifetime experience, four excellent bands in one day, seeing all of them individually would run well over £100 and even then in a sea of people. The chance to see all four of them with 149 other avid fans made for a true spectacle of hard rocking which completely negated the limited time frame for each act. Given the success of the day, Lock In Live events are definitely something to look out for.


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