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SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life

SoundCloud Weekly: 5 tracks you need in your life Japanese Wallpaper gets blurry IMAGE Facebook / Angie Pai

There’s something inspiring about each of the acts in this week’s SoundCloud Weekly, be it an enormous sense of independence, an openness to learning, or using their artwork to address social commentary. And obviously there’s five brand spanking new tracks that’s come with them for you to wrap your ears around.


Bishat – Mine

Independence is something to be admired, and when it pays off it should definitely be made an example of.

Bishat forced herself into our lives back in later 2015, with a genre-splicing mash up of material from the likes of The Weeknd, Lykke Li and Daniel Johnston. She then popped up again, proving that it wasn’t just her mash up skills that we needed to know about, with her debut, self released, original single Sober.

Now the Swedish musician is here with Mine, a laidback mid tempo track that showcases her smooth vocal talents.

Manipulating piano sounds throughout to connect a soft production to her meaningful lyrics, Bishat has said that the track is “about a relationship where the fears of repeating your mistakes are causing those same issues.”

If these two tracks are anything to go by, then any fears of mistakes will definitely be non-existent regarding her music.


Japanese Wallpaper – Cocoon

18 year old Gab Strum has been really working it over in Australia, so much so that’s his music is starting to make an impact across the rest of the world.

Having just finished touring with M83, this track is the follow up to his self-titled EP and is the first to have a focus on his own, skilful vocals.

Written with London-based songwriter Alexander Burnett, Strum is a big fan of collaboration stating: “Every time I’ve collaborated with someone, I’ve learned so much about songwriting.”

A subdued track, taking everything back to basics, Cocoon isa said to be about Strum’s “tendancy to overanalyse everything that happens to (him), and the inevitably skewed perception of things that arise as a result.”

Strum has a line of headline shows coming up later in this year, however he’s yet to take his live performances outside of Australia… here’s hoping that changes very soon.


Hockeysmith – Let’s Dagger 

Hockeysmith have been something of an enigma for the past two years since their debut EP, But Blood, astounded ears everywhere back in 2014.

It seems the Falmouth sisters have been enjoying the Copenhagan techno scene during that time though and by the sounds of this electro-leaning, attitude filled track, they’ve definitely learnt a thing or two.

Minimalist and mature, the confidence that exudes from this track certainly makes the whole package a lot more endearing. Seeing as this is the lead track to come from their upcoming EP Tears At My Age, it’s definitely helped them make a statement that very good things are to come from their upcoming material.

Pairing that same confident, minimalism with a whole lot of grunge-y attitude (and a very abrupt ending) and they’ve managed to create that perfect air of cool that pretty much everyone (secretly, or not) wishes that they had.


AZEKEL – Linger

AZEKEL is taking a whole lot of neo-soul and utilizing social commentary as his ‘horizon line’.

Based in East London and writing, producing and mixing all of his material himself, he’s a talented guy. Chanelling some real raw emotion, which is fitting considering this track is following EP Raw, Vol 1 and giving us a glimpse of what’s to come from EP, Raw, Vol 2.

His tantalizing, falsetto vocals work beautifully with the electro soul, thick production. The artist, who’s recently worked with beatmakers Massive Attack on their single, Ritual Spirit, has explained that “Linger is a song where (he) want(s) to express the qualities of a relationship that are often invisible to everyone but the two people involved.”

Fortunately, none of the qualities that make this track so great are invisible to us.


Team Picture Band – Birthday Blues  

We’ve got a whopping six-minute track for you to end this week’s SoundCloud Weekly and it comes from Leeds, alt-rockers Team Picture Band.

A psychedelic, lo-fi track that demands attention, incorporating guitars and pop music in a way that’s truly inspiring. All in all a nifty feat for a debut single, huh?

They create that excitement that comes with tracks you know have the potential to be phenomenal performed live. Strong and steadfast their journey between chords are effortless and strategic, one chord change that leads to a blissful climax of sound.

This is a mighty good start and luckily for us they have a whole load more of singles already planned for release across the remainder of the year… Keep your eyes, and more importantly, ears open folks.


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    This is a mighty good start and luckily for us

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