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SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life

SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life AEDT/

Take a break from watching an empty room on Frank Ocean’s stream and listen to some brand new bands, you can even listen to the whole track in one go, we promise.

WHITE – I Liked You Better When You Needed Me

The five, Glaswegian lads WHITE are back with the second track to come from their upcoming EP, Cuts That Don’t Bleed’.

After announcing possibly their biggest string of live shows to date, in the form of a co-headline tour with fellow Scots Baby Strange, they’ve now treated us to three whole minutes of energetic, dark disco, that’s full of powerful riffs, an anthemic chorus and a whole lot of enviable attitude.

Let their gritty vocals wash over you and get you up and ready to dance!


SLOTFACE – Take Me Dancing

Slotface?’ We hear you say… ‘That sounds familiar’ and you’d be right, these Nordic pop-punk infused musicians were formerly known as ‘Slutface’ and now they’re back with the first material since the fantastic Sponge State EP, which we all came to love.

Reportedly written in response to Big Star’s 1972 track Thirteen, stating that they were “trying to write the girls answer to “won’t you let me walk you home from school?” because I love that song, but think it portrays a very chaste and old school version of femininity”.

That’s exactly what they’ve succeeded in doing as well; they’ve created a massive track with an assertive and powerful chorus, that’s encompassed by the youthful, feminist and skilful verses and production.


Oscar & The Wolf – The Game  

It’s undeniable that Belgian, Max Columbie is one talented guy, his project Oscar & The Game is continuous proof of this. So when he teams up with none other than Noah Breakfast, it’s fair to say that expectations are pretty high.

The Game does not disappoint however, a piece of heavenly alt-pop that’s perhaps the first piece of music to come from Oscar that’s instantly accessible (we’re guessing that’s the influence of Noah).

The track is straight from his Oscar’s debut album Entity, and expertly morphs R&B vocal tones and very trap influenced beats… all whilst making the whole track as infectious as a pop song. Impressive, can we have more collaborations like this please?


SKOTT – Wolf

Scandinavian Skott wowed the Internet in a big way with debut Porcelain, setting a hefty bar for herself to beat… but she’s done it and some, with this new track Wolf.

The debut brought with it a hoard of devoted fans, not to mention a cosign from none other than Lorde herself, but it was comparatively a lot darker than this new, upbeat effort. Skott is showing that she’s no one trick pony.

Both tracks were officially released as singles last week, but we’ve definitely found our favourite in this one, just get a load of these smooth and unfaltering vocals and no doubt you’ll agree with us.


Charlotte Day Wilson – Find You

Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson has treated us to Find You, straight off her upcoming, debut EP, which will hold a massive six tracks when it’s released on August 26th.

Not only talented in song writing and her evidently powerful vocal abilities, Charlotte is also a multi-instrumentalist, something which we’re always in awe of here at The Metropolist.

Find You has combined a ginormous range of genre influeces, from folk and R&B, all the way to some heavy jazz and soul elements, and it’s massively paid off. This is a sublime and emotive track from start to finish, where less says more, with the restrained, yet powerful vocals front and centre.


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