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SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life

SOUNDCLOUD WEEKLY: 5 tracks you need in your life Photo Credit: Andy Von Pip (flickr)

It’s that time of the week again where we bring you five of the best Soundcloud releases of the past week and, well, this weeks sure are something special… so sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed, comforted and damn well inspired.

The Magic Gang – All This Way

Huw Stephens is never one to let us down and this is no exception, broadcasting The Magic Gang’s new track All This Way to the world earlier this week.

It’s the first track to come from their upcoming EP From The Magic Gang, and if this is anything to go by then we should all be very, very excited.

Perfect for the summer, or rather the end of the summer in this case, it’s the first sign of some extremely exciting things to come from the band, with an Autumn tour with the likes of Get Inuit and Spring King on the way as well, by which time we’re sure that this is a track that will be an ultimate anthemic crowd pleaser.


Giraffage Feat. Thea – Bring Me Your Love

Giraffage, we hear you say? That name sounds familiar, but where from? You’re probably remembering the brilliant No Reason EP that was the main reason for bringing this masterful musician into our lives.

Fastforward some time and we finally have some new solo material in the form of Bring Me Your Love, teaming up with THEA for some stunning falsetto-vocal attributes.

Experimental, electro-pop with an infusion of R&B slow jam material and this has turned out to be a very mature release indeed, the two years that Giraffage has spent on the road has clearly served him well.


MIYNT – Cool

We really appreciate artists who go the extra mile with their work, which includes when their talent stretches past the music. MIYNT here has drawn the artwork for this track (and every other track on the EP, No.1 due out in September) herself and it’s safe to say we’re more than impressed.

All the way from Sweden, Cool is the follow up to After The Gold Rush, which caused quite the stir online. According to DIY the track’s meaning is pretty simple as well, literally about having air con on really hot days. If that’s not a relatable subject topic then we don’t know what is?!


Me Nd Adam – Foolish Love

Brand new electro-pop duo Me Nd Adam have delivered one massive debut track here with Foolish Love.

Full of wondrous synths that intertwine with one another beautifully, and a chorus that’s big enough to get anyone up and dancing, there’s certainly a lot of promise with this new Brooklyn based duo.

They reportedly haven’t based the track off anything biographical as well, so a track so relatable is definitely an impressive feat, that matched with the delicately intricate melody and simple, yet powerful drum beat is a complete winning combination and definitely worth your time.


Krrum – Still Love

We last heard Krrum back in may with track Hard On You, now in August, we’ve been treated to another stellar track in Still Love.

He’s certainly showcasing his versatility production wise in this new track, proving that he’s fully capable of successfully handling a slow burning track, but the Leeds producer has done so whilst still maintaining the sound that won us round back in May.

A warm sounding track that almost juxtaposes the subject matter, of wanting to take a relationship forward, but getting that sixth sense that the feeling is probably not mutual.

A mature and soulful sound that everyone needs to have the pleasure of hearing, get to know!


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