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The return of Lowkey – new UK tour comes to The Haunt, Brighton

The return of Lowkey – new UK tour comes to The Haunt, Brighton Image: The Haunt

For many UK hip hop fans the past month has been dominated by a certain long-awaited event – the return of Lowkey. The deeply political rapper and activist disappeared from the scene some years ago after sparking controversy (and spitting incredible bars) wherever he went, resulting in allegations of police harrassment for his liberational rhetoric.

Whether leading Palestine Solidarity protests, questioning the logic of the ‘War on Terror’, or opening deeply personal meditations on his own identity as a British-Iraqi; Lowkey’s insights were always deep and complex, and that’s before even getting started on the brilliance of his lyrical skill. He’s probably the least public rapper out there, but rumours suggest he’s been studying at London’s SOAS in the interim – so its odds on that we’ll be hearing more of the likes of ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Obama Nation’ among the new material on his comeback tour. With a heartbreaking new track ‘Ahmed’ released last month, don’t expect anything like a lighter tone – and from Lowkey, why would you want one?

Lowkey plays Brighton’s The Haunt on Tuesday 13th September at 7pm. Tickets are £15 plus booking fee – for more information or to book, click here.



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