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REVIEW: Kylie Minogue: I Was Gonna Cancel

REVIEW: Kylie Minogue: I Was Gonna Cancel

Kylie Minogue recently announced she would be quitting The Voice after just one series to focus on her tour commitments, which was no doubt somewhat of a blow to the BBC as the ageless Kylie helped to bring a new lease of life to the talent show with record viewing ratings. I Was Gonna Cancel is the second single to be taken from her 12th studio album Kiss Me Once which came out in March and follows Into The Blue and promo track Sexercise with its accompanying rather racy video. The song, written and produced by Pharrell Williams (seriously is there anyone he hasn’t found time to work with?) was inspired by Kylie nearly cancelling a recording studio session with him after having a bad day, in a recent interview she told Rolling Stone “I had a meltdown on day two in the studio, but that gave way to a fantastic song”. I Was Gonna Cancel is trademark Kylie at her bubbly pop best, and with the addition of Pharrell bringing elements of his huge hit with Daft Punk, Get Lucky into the mix it makes for a summery disco beat that worms it’s way into your head. Although the song lacks quite as much punch as some of Minogue’s biggest hits such as Can’t Get You Out Of My Head or Spinning Around it’s retro pop vibes will no doubt make it’s way onto plenty of summer holiday playlists and the pop machine that is Ms Minogue shows no signs of slowing down.



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