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SINGLE REVIEW: Polyester The Saint – On The Regular ft. Dom Kennedy

SINGLE REVIEW: Polyester The Saint – On The Regular ft. Dom Kennedy

Los Angeles rapper Polyester The Saint has dropped some sun-kissed west coast hip hop with On The Regular, the lead single ahead of his 5th studio album, American Muscle.

It’s a cool, easy throwback to classic LA and Houston sounds, heavily referencing the likes of UGK and Doggystyle era Snoop with its clean G-Funk synths, heavy bassline and elastic vocal delivery. With an assist from fellow Los Angeleno Dom Kennedy on the hook, it becomes the perfect song for those long summer nights.

The song is an ode to sunset in the City of Angels and scattered with references to LA’s car culture, as the album is likely to be, given the title. Polyester muses ‘Palm tree coastin’, the road is open’, summing up the imagery of the whole track, along with Dom Kennedy’s hook, in which he croons ‘I just need to go fast’. The song revels in its restlessness.

On The Regular comes nine months after Polyester The Saint ‘s last mixtape, Can’t Be Faded vol. 1 – a great introduction to Polyester’s style – G-funk whistles and bass guitars abound, with a decidedly current sound. He’s part of a crop of west-coast artists who have mastered the catchy, upfront, musical strain of hip hop – the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Skeme and Freddie Gibbs (the latter is particularly good as a comparison to Polyester).


Polyester The Saint’s American Muscle is set for release on July 8th.


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