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REVIEW: Big KRIT – So Bad Big Krit returns with single So Bad ahead of his third album release

Mississippi’s Big KRIT is back with So Bad, his first release since It’s Better This Way came out in October last year. The self-produced track shows the artist staying true to his signature sample-based southern approach. In a climate where southern rap has come to dominate pop music in the form of trap, Big KRIT has time and time again decided to walk the path less travelled, telling the underdog stories that are the foundations of great rap music.

On the production front, a fine soul sample sings over an irresistibly round bassline – something the producer-rapper has mastered over the years he’s spent in the booth. Interestingly (for those of a music geekery persuasion) the track is produced entirely in 3/4 time – presumably because the original sample was 3/4 as well – unusual for a rap song, but KRIT manages just fine. The last third of the track sees the sample recede slightly, letting a military-style drum track take centre stage, while the rapper turns into himself with some more introspective lyrics: “Wanna save the world on the go, grandma in a grave, rest her soul / Wish she lived to be a hundred, so she could see her boy gettin’ old”.

The lyrics are characteristically considerate. But they’re bold too. The song is a commitment to his future successes – on the hook he sings “Have you ever wanted something so bad, like so bad, like so bad that you went and got it?”

Of course, predictions of future successes aren’t unusual in rap music, but KRIT is due an album, and that album will be his third, and this song sounds a lot like a teaser and a promising one at that.

You can stream the track below via SoundCloud.


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