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REVIEW: Lianne La Havas – What You Don’t Do

REVIEW: Lianne La Havas – What You Don’t Do

What You Don’t Do is us the second single from Lianne La Havas’ up-coming second album Blood. Similarly to her last single Unstoppable, What You Don’t Do builds gradually, but this time rather than crescendoing into an epic, reverberating melody, it rises into a feel good track set for the dancefloor and the radio.

La Havas’ voice is very much the focus, with the rest of the arrangement taking more of a backseat than it did on Unstoppable. The instrumentation has a canned sound for the verses, before picking up for the choruses. The horns and gospel-choir style backing vocals are in full swing by the end, to conclude this little gem of a pop-tune.

With What You Don’t Do, La Havas has succeeded in finding a single that goes a different way to the previous one, and possibly her catchiest melody yet. Not dancing doesn’t really seem like an option when that killer-chorus hits it’s stride.

The track also shows off La Havas’ lyrical ability as a storyteller (see Age from her debut album). There is both wit and honesty in her writing as she declares her security in her relationship, singing – “No sweet nothing can ever be made into something new/No grand gesture can ever be made to measure you”.

This has the potential to be her biggest commercial hit yet and shows us another side of her growing songwriting ability. If the opening two singles are anything to go by, the release of Blood on 31st July is something to look forward to.



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