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SINGLE REVIEW: AlunaGeorge – Mediator

SINGLE REVIEW: AlunaGeorge – Mediator Photo Credit: Drew Altizer/

AlunaGeorge is one of those musicians that has been producing fantastic music for years but never really provided the acclaim and exposure she deserves. The stunning London-based electronic artist impressed many with her 2013 debut Body Music. Critics celebrated the robust and title-worthy effectiveness of the music – compelling and energised enough to get the body moving whilst nourishing the mind in the process. A slight but powerful voice sat with effective hooks and plenty of nuance – songs you fall for on first listen but find new sides the more you delve and investigate.

Four singles have already been released from latest album, I Remember – I’m in Control, I Remember; My Blood and Mean What I Mean. Those titles might suggest some self-obsession (or self-investigation) and lead listeners to think the album is a deeply personal, first-person creation. Mediator is the latest cut and places AlunaGeorge right in the middle of things – that title suggest something more argumentative, fraught and unpredictable. If her debut album sought inspiration from ‘90s music then it seems her latest album – or Mediator at the very least – looks further back in time – vibes of Madonna and The Bangles (their ‘80s period) comes out in the first few seconds.

AlunaGeorge’s honeyed, passionate voice seems to step outside of the song – looking at another party whose man wants “minimal commitment” – putting the girl in a rather awkward position. Against sparse but fresh beats: the vocal has a rich and soothing quality but carries plenty of worry and intuition – the song’s subjects seem very close to heart. Immersed in a situation that is “unfixable”: you imagine the denigration and unfixable relationship crumble before you – knowing there is no way back at all. Although the heroine will not “get political” – she packs some sage words and is laying down the law – perhaps speaking directly to a former lover. A gorgeous and emotive song that brings elements of Prince into the fold – again, with its mind split between the ‘80s and ‘90s. Mediator is a beautiful and thought-inspiring single that suggests there will plenty more gems (like this) on I Remember.



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