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SINGLE REVIEW: Pixies – Talent

SINGLE REVIEW: Pixies – Talent Photo Credit: KIKA/ generic Soma no prescription overnight 2014’s 12-track Indie Cindy was the last Pixies album and one that received generally favourable reviews. Critics agreed some moments recalled their hard ‘80s best: other noted the dampened sound and worrying amount of filler. Motivated and constantly evolving: Pixies unveiled single Um Chagga Lagga a month ago. Recalling the propulsive, locomotive flair of their debut E.P.: the song registered hard and caused many to proclaim Pixies recaptured their spark. If Um Chagga Lagga contained flecks of Isla de Encanta and Trompe le Monde; new single Talent pitches its tent around Indie Cindy’s finer moments. Head Carrier, the group’s seventh album, is out on September 30th and the first to feature new bassist Paz Lenchantin – stepping into Kim Deal’s huge and impressive shoes. Soma without doctor rx Lenchantic’s chops and innovative bass notes were all over previous single Um Chagga Lagga: they are one of the finest components of Talent. What one notices about Head Carrier’s second single is how quickly it races and snarls off the blocks. Black Francis and Paz Lenchantin – in old-school Francis-Deal style – combine on vocals. Meeting a “real cool dude today” with the nature and looks of Jack Palance, a suave and debonair American actor/singer who was nominated for three Academy Awards, we are in the midst of a sleazy sales pitch from a crook agent. Really wanting to get through to their subject: you can feel that suffocation of casting couch sweet-talk.

The chorus is sing-along and catchy but does can get a bit cloying in its insistence and needless vulgarity. The band’s performances are reliably tight and assured – the riffs are especially sharp and meaty, whilst Lenchantin guides the song with grit, melody, and authority. The instrumentation and recollective sparks (more hints of Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa emerge) are to be applauded but Pixies seem to have lost the zeal and pummel of Head Carrier’s lead single.

Impressive and fighting in places: Talent seems like a half-way point of Indie Cindy or Trompe le Monde rather than a natural playmate to Um Chagga Lagga. It is always great hearing new Pixies material but let’s hope the rest of Head Carrier’s songs are up to the standard we know they are capable of.


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