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SINGLE REVIEW: Radiohead – Identikit

SINGLE REVIEW: Radiohead – Identikit Credit:

Radiohead released A Moon Shaped Pool (this year) to massive critical acclaim and celebration. Following a five-year space from their last release, The King of Limbs – few expected an album as mesmerising, fascinating and accomplished; even from the Oxford band.

Previous singles Daydreaming and Burn the Witch have shown two sides to A Moom Shaped Pool: Identikit brings in a (compelling) third. From the tribal, pulsating beats and moonlit mood: a number that wastes no time in wrestling the listener into its bosom.

Whether referring to his divorce or something less personal: Thom Yorke reveals one of his most fascinating and emotive set of lyrics. “The sweet-faced ones with nothing left inside/That we all can love, that we all can love” is a mantra that raises questions, images, and possibilities. The band’s role is by no means second-nature. Charging, pattering beats; moody, teasing bass and plenty of atmosphere. Yorke’s voice is at its keenest and most dripping: a gorgeous, velvety falsetto that mixes vulnerability, and purity. “I don’t want to know” is a sentiment repeated and enforced: you can hear the accusation and hurt in the vocal.

The stunning refrain of “Broken hearts make it rain” brings the listener into Yorke’s soul. A choral, hypnotic vocal choir and spacey electronics elevate the song to rarified heights – creating something beguiling, exhausted and exhilarating. By the final notes; that curiosity and questioning nature remains. Who/what inspired the song? What is the true meaning behind the lyrics? None of this will matter as Identikit stands as one of Radiohead’s finest modern-day songs – from a truly peerless and astonishing album.

Identikit will be released as a single from August 19th


3 responses to “SINGLE REVIEW: Radiohead – Identikit”

  1. dorfnagle says:

    Might want to correct that to A Moon Shaped Pool in paragraph two. :m

  2. Igor Mariano says:

    Just a reminder: the lyrics to this song were written in 2012, therefore, Identikit has nothing to do with Thom's divorce.

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