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INTERIVEW: Santiago Genochio, Rumpus Party co-founder

INTERIVEW: Santiago Genochio, Rumpus Party co-founder

rumpus-723x1024 INTERIVEW: Santiago Genochio, Rumpus Party co-founderThe Rumpus Party, to sum up succinctly, is an indoor festival with live bands, circus acts, fancy dress and general Bacchanal debauchery. Santiago Genochio, co-founder of the ever popular and always fun Rumpus Party, talks exclusively to The Metropolist about how it all began, where his favourite venues are in London and his most memorable party.

The Metropolist: When did Rumpus Party start and what gave you the idea?

Santiago Genochio: The first Rumpus was back in June 2010.  I’d spent about ten years running a variety of community and arts events in London, and then I did a few years of freelance work across a range of events.  I was a bit disappointed that the fun and interesting events rarely lasted longer than a year, so I set out to create an event that was fun, creatively valid, and was sustainable.

TM: Describe what people can expect from Rumpus for those who have never been?
SG: An over-the-top, non-stop explosion of animalistic, carnivalistic magic, music and mayhem.
TM: Which venues in London do you normally play in?
SG: The Islington Metal Works in Angel is our home, and occasionally we venture to the Coronet in Elephant and Castle or other venues.
TM: Which is your favourite?
SG: My favourite venue was the MS Stubnitz, an old East German fishing trawler that has been re-purposed as a post-apocalyptic party venue which sails around Europe looking for the best parties.
TM: What’s been the most memorable Rumpus Party for you?
SG: Probably our End Of Year Gathering last December.  We took over a grand old English country mansion in Surrey for a night of waltzing, oysters, live band and proper raving till the early hours.
TM: When’s the next party?
SG: June 6th at The Coronet Theatre. The theme is ‘Frontiers’.
TM: What’s the plan for this year?
SG: More Magic. More Music. More Mayhem.


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