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London Cocktail Week 2014

London Cocktail Week 2014

The weather is beginning to change, and we suggest shaking off those autumnal blues with one of the best events this season: London Cocktail Week 2014. From 6-10 October 2014, this festival of the finer things in life comes to venues all over the city, offering up exciting deals, pop-ups and events with the sole purpose of whetting your whistle with the Big Smoke’s finest boozy delicacies. £15 will grab you a LCW wristband that opens up the doors of some of London’s more selective bars and earns you the right to £4 cocktails— an absurdly great deal. Each bar offers an exclusive cocktail for the week. With the festival partnering with everyone from Absolut to Zacapa, and featuring events as varied as cocktail masterclasses, mini golf, and punch pong tournaments, this promises to be a week to try to remember.

We’ve done you the favor of going through the featured bars and cocktails to find the most promising offerings in the best bars in the greatest city on Earth. You’re welcome.

Canvas Bar

This artsy bar just opened in Shoreditch’s busy roundabout and, having attended the opening night and perhaps going a bit above and beyond the call of duty when it came to trying the drink menu, we can vouch that these guys know what they’re doing. We suggest the Jimmy Choose if you’re in the mood for something bubbly, and can’t wait to sample the menu they’ve developed exclusively for this event. We recommend checking out Monday’s event featuring giveaways, fine art, live music and, of course, cocktails.

The Exmouth Arms

Exmouth Market’s perennially popular watering hole is joining in the fun. A place known for the quality of its brews, the folks at the Arms are preparing to wow us with the week’s signature cocktail, the “Hurryberry,” which aims to perk up our tastebuds with some peppery tequila sweetened with agave and raspberry. If you’re skeptical, don’t be— when was the last time tequila ruined someone’s night? Actually, don’t answer that.


For cocktail purists, we recommend this Brazilian joint’s classic caipirinhas. For the uninitiated, a caipirinha is a cachaça-based drink containing mainly cachaça and not much else. Sure, there’s some lime and sugar, but let’s just say that Brazil’s party-hardy reputation owes a whole lot to this super-strong national beverage. Say “obrigado.”


Renowned for its delicious eats, we’d like to believe that Kopapa is a place that Carrie Bradshaw would frequent if Carrie Bradshaw existed and actually consumed delicious food. This week, they’re catering to Cosmo cravers with their fruity Lychee offering, featuring Element 29 vodka, lychee liquor, and lots of sugary goodness. Not to be missed.

London Cocktail Club + London Cocktail Club Shoreditch

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention London’s famous Cocktail Club in WC2H, and its Shoreditch spinoff. These cocktail connoisseurs are mixing up what may be the week’s most exciting, original drinks: the London Cocktail Club is featuring an “Apple Mustard Sour” with fresh apple juice, cinnamon dusting, lemon, and of course goes appropriately heavy on the Bulleit. Meanwhile, in Shoreditch, it’s time for breakfast with the Cocktail Club’s Bacon & Egg Martini which, with a little help from Jack and some “good quality bacon,” is sure to appeal to both cocktail lovers and breakfast fans alike.

The full listings can be found at, and the offerings are extensive, decadent, and only two days away. Get your wristbands while you can at, and make sure you (drunk)tweet us @TheMetropolist with your LCW tips and reviews.



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